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Published on August 24th, 2010 | by Lisa McInerney


Freshly Seized

The best free n’ easy music downloads on the webbly.

Bit of a mixed bag this week, folks, but that’s ok because you’re a mixed kind of readership (if the disparities in punctuation in my fanmail tell me anything). And anyway, one shouldn’t just listen to the same kind of tunes, week in, year out; it’s not healthy. It can lead to nerdism and geekery, not to mention being all obnoxious about sub-genres and why post-punk trumps post-rock, every time. I consider it a public service to run these songs by you, to keep your ears unclogged and open- … er, eared. And remember, they’re all free!

First up, I take it you’ve all been jiggling your bottoms around to Cee-Lo’s Fuck You like we told you to? Well, if you like that, Cee-Lo hopes you’ll like this – two more tracks, Champain and Georgia, free on the website from the little big man himself. Cee-Lo is probably best known for being the singing half of Gnarls Barkley, but there really aren’t many pies he’s not had his finger in at this stage. Maybe his face too. He’s a chunky wee barrel of awesome! You might also fancy a listen off 50Cent’s snap-back to Fuck You, which is a depressingly speedy hip-hop retort if ever there was one. Can a man not have a whinge about his gold-digging ex in peace? Jesus!

Yesterday, in our review of Janelle Monae’s debut album, The ArchAndroid, we bigged up the “bonkers indie-punk” of her track Make The Bus, which happens to feature our next all-singing philanthropists, Of Montreal. As a teaser for new album, False Priest, they’re giving away the first single Coquet Coquette, a hard-boiled slice of poetic Barmy, suggesting a soundtrack perfect for sunny-day smut. It’s rather lovely, like The Monkees crossed with Pulp crossed with Metallica. Either that or I’ve been gorging on the Roundtrees Randoms again. If it sounds nothing like The Monkees crossed with Pulp crossed with Metallica, pls forgive moi.

All this talk of Pulp brings me to our next free and therefore socialism-friendly download, brought to you by fellow 90s/00s alt-heroes Manic Street Preachers. This is I’m Leaving You For Solitude, which can be downloaded thusly. This marks the release of new album Postcards From A Young Man, though it’s not an album track. It’s stand-alone! It’s extra! This pleases me. This is proper philanthropy. It’s a rather raw and delicate offering, and quite lovely. And who doesn’t like Manic Street Preachers (aside from capitalists and fascists and such)?

How do you like your nepotism in the mornings? Ah, no, I’m only messing. It’s just that the next one is from Justin Townes Earle, who’s Steve Earle’s young fella, as they say in my neck of the woods. I can’t say that his sound is radically different from his Pa’s, but he’s got a rare pair of lungs and if you like your Americana smooth and soothing, you won’t go far wrong with him. You can grab new single Harlem River Blues here.

This one’s much less soothing; this one’s a delightful little headfuck. Steve Mason is him outta Beta Band, and he’s just released a soulful track called Am I Just A Man from solo album Boys Outside. It’s chilled, and affecting, and may cause me to banjax my quota for the use of the word “lovely”. However, what you’re getting is the Alexis Taylor remix (here on Domino’s SoundCloud page), which is also chilled and affecting, but in a much stranger way. In general, the remixes from the Hot Chip family tend to be very individual, thoughtfully arranged, and bold enough to stand alone. This is no different. An odd little gem.

And lastly, Gav from SuperExtraBonusParty, one of the most exciting bands to ever dust off the shamrocks, has a new musical project called We Are Losers (a name which is ironic, ok?) and is giving away the EP here.

It’s lo-fi, it’s indie-pop, it sounds like the Beach Boys covered by the Buzzcocks and belted through a megaphone. You can’t get more specific than that, now. Enjoy!

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