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Published on September 14th, 2010 | by Peter


Nokia World 2010


I’m over here for the next few days. Perfecting my podcasting skills 😉

Thanks to mark Rock @ audioboo we have now a dedicated audio stream for NokiaWorld 2010 gig. I’ll see what I can pick up and of course with the comment box below you can decide if you like it or not. Niklas Savander, Anssi Vanjoki and Purnima Kochikar are all there.

I Met Pat Phelan for some fresh air this morning…. 😉

Thanks to my shot gun mike from Bernie Goldbach and some tips from Brian Greene the sound quality turned out pretty darned cool. Considering what was sitting opposite us.


Update 15th/ 09: Back today. Meant to say at the top, I was there as a guest of Nokia too. The most of you probably knew that already though. Regret not nabbing a t-shirt. Worth it for the podcasts that I hope are worth a listen. Got Tim Berners-Lee speech. I thought that was nice.

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4 Responses to Nokia World 2010

  1. Bngr says:

    Where exactly are you?

  2. Keleher says:

    Some ‘why was Culch.ie at Nokia World 2010’ comments on Twitter yesterday, perhaps that person did not get an invite. 😉

  3. Aido says:

    How do you take the geek out of tech? Sent the Gardener!

    Although that sounds like an excuse for the TV inspector (my Gardener has it) fair play for covering the event.

    I hear from the horses mouth you picked up a few tips

  4. You captured some real emotive comments while recording several interviews at Nokia World. In fact, those interviews go a long way to answering those tweeple who think you have to live in the tech ghetto in order to make sense out of technology.

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