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Published on November 17th, 2010 | by Sinead Keogh


Come Caroling with Culch – The Simon Community Sing for Simon 24 Hour Carolathon

Culch.ie is going to Sing for Simon…and so should you!

We happened upon this page here asking for folk to get involved in the Simon Community’s Carolathon and we thought to ourselves that it would be a nice and worthwhile thing to do. It’s happening on Grafton Street from 5pm on Friday December 17th to 5pm on Saturday December 18th and we’ve got the timeslot from 1am – 3am (we know!)

With your help, we’ll be coming up with a setlist of Christmas songs to belt out but more than that…WE WANT YOU TO SING WITH US! The Simon Community are raising money to provide services for homeless people and the more voices we can add to the Culchie choir, the more impact we’ll have and the more vital cash we can entice out of passers-by with our good looks and awesome tunes.

Please please and pretty please drop us a comment to let us know you’ll come on the night or sign up on the Facebook Event page and then get thinking about what songs you’d like to sing. You don’t need to be an amazing singer to do this! While we are doing it for charity, it’s also an opportunity for those of us who like getting into the spirit of the season and come along and sing along at whatever level we’re at so you don’t need to have any experience, just willingness!

We will bring along plenty of sheets of lyrics on the night and we’ll make sure to meet up ahead of time and have a few drinks to calm ourselves – essentially, we’ll make it just about as easy for you as we possibly can, so come along and have a laugh with us while raising some cash for charity. Dress up as Santa or just wear something warm and bring an instrument if you have one!

If you’re a longtime reader, first time reader, regular commenter, lurker, Culch writer, randomer who was directed here by a link on Facebook or the Twitter or anything in between, we’d be delighted for you to join us. The Culchie Carolers welcomes folk from all walks of internet to come together under our (not literal, but maybe if it’s raining) umbrella and Sing for Simon!

Sign up and suggest songs below and remember, if you have plans but you can’t make it and you’ll be in town on the night, swing by Grafton street to give us some moral support…and some cash.

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Sinéad edits books for her real job. She has never met a punctuation mark she didn't like. She likes cheese (both kinds). She is a lip-biter and a knuckle cracker. She has made a list of 50 things to do before she dies - you're not on it. In particular, she looks after movies, comedy gigs and the Event of the Week series for Culch. You can email her if you want, she loves attention. sinead@culch.ie

3 Responses to Come Caroling with Culch – The Simon Community Sing for Simon 24 Hour Carolathon

  1. Joanna Schaff says:

    Sign me up! I love carolling, plus I know the descant lines for some of the carols, adding that bit of harmony to the mix.

  2. Brian O'Connor says:

    Hello sign me up.. would love to give somthing back 🙂

  3. Dionne Luby says:

    Hello sign me up 🙂

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