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Published on December 21st, 2010 | by Éilish Burke


Culch.ie’s 5 Favourite Irish albums of 2010

It has to be said, this past year was a good one for Irish music, but there were some clear stand out albums. In the spirit of wringing every last bit of value out of a collective piece of writing, here is (in no particular order) the round-up of Culch.ie’s music writers favourite home-grown albums of 2010.

Villagers – Becoming a Jackal

The debut album for Conor O’Brien’s Villagers was universally praised on its release mid-year and Culch has taken it to its heart too. Bryano calls it “an album which is equally charming and beguiling throughout” and Elaine proclaims it “a stunning album, which captivates from beginning to end”. Here’s the lovely The Meaning of the Ritual

Cathy Davey – The Nameless

Having scored major success with her breakthrough album Sound of Silversleeve in 2007, Davey came back this year with an album no less inventive. Landing straight at the No. 1 spot on the Irish album charts is a great achievement and Davey has an ardent fan in Culch’s Elaine, who believes The Nameless to be the singers “finest album to date”. Here is Army of Tears:

Halves – It Goes It Goes

This debut of lush, shoe-gazey gorgeousness was my top Irish album of the year. Here is my favourite track off the album Growing & Glow:

Fight Like Apes – The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner

All of Elaine’s top 3 albums were Irish and completing the triumvirate is the second album from everyones favourite nutcases FLApes. According to Miss Buckley this is not an instant win “it’s a grower, and definitely takes a few listens… But then the breakthrough happens; the realisation of its brilliance.” Here’s Poached Egg:

Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

Not singled out for a paragraph of praise by any of Culch’s writers but featured heavily in the “Also Recommended” section, it’s the poptastic debut from Co. Down’s finest. An album full of instant winners, along with the backing of record labels and the mainstream media (not to mention all those lucrative mobile phone soundtracks) meant 2010 was a successful year for the boys. And it’s no wonder; these lads know their way around a pop song as Undercover Martyn attests:

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Éilish writes the Ad Nauseam series of posts for Culch.ie as well as some other bit and bobs. She used to work in adland and still likes to dissect the advertising she comes across, though these days mainly from the comfort of her couch and in the form of angry tirades while her flatmate rolls her eyes to heaven. She secretly harbours smug feelings that instead of saving and putting a deposit on a house she spent all her life savings on extravagant holidays and has therefore escaped a lifetime in negative equity. She co-runs a company called Amp Music Marketing. You can get in touch with her at eilishburke{at}gmail{dot}com or follow her on Twitter.

3 Responses to Culch.ie’s 5 Favourite Irish albums of 2010

  1. Terry says:

    Cathy Davey’s really good. Glad to see Two Door Cinema Club getting their dues. Fight Like Apes and their critical popularity continue to mystify me but I guess they’re just not for me. All in all some good albums here but where’s So Cow? One of the best Irish bands in ages and they have to go to the States to get any recognition. Pity.

  2. No love fot the Rubberbandits? I’m shocked and apalled! 😛

  3. What, no Divine Comedy?

    This makes me do a sad face

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