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Published on March 21st, 2011 | by Andy Gaffney


I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 3 Neil Hannon

To quote the second best song writer of all time, “What, you thought we wouldn’t come again? Leave you hanging without bringing you the fun again?” Yes, instead of aliens, Will Smith could have been talking about Tea Crowd, a little bit delayed but back and better than ever.

This time we caught up with the man who kicks Mr Smith into second place, Mr Divine Comedy, Neil Hannon. Who wouldn’t you know, is a blooming gentleman.

Neil Hannon, Cathy Davey, Jape and Romeo from The Magic Numbers perform Vampire Weekend’s album for The JD Set at the Button Factory on April 1st. To find out more about it,  see www.thejdset.ie or facebook.com/jackdanielsjdsetireland


Enjoy and we’ll see you next time with a little blast from the past….


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3 Responses to I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 3 Neil Hannon

  1. Sweary says:

    Jaysus, he’s too sexy for my own good, that man.

    Neil’s ok too. Ba-dum tishhh!

    Brilliant stuff, just brilliant.

  2. Gill says:

    Aw he’s really concerned about your bad dreams! The best bit of the i heart tea crowd is where the two names come up at the start just in case anyone is confused about which person is the guest

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