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Published on April 22nd, 2011 | by Will


Become a 100m World Records Holder this weekend

Microsoft and Rare want you to become a World Record holder at 6pm Saturday 23 April, all you have to do is run 100 meters.

Actually its a little bit more than that, but not much more.

Xbox Nations lets you try Xbox LIVE Gold for free, as well as inviting you to take part in the world’s biggest ever virtual sprint. The record we’re going for is the most people running a virtual 100m dash at one time.

You need to have (or have access to) play Kinect Sports and complete a sprint mini-game while connected to Xbox LIVE at 6pm on Saturday. You must choose sprint from the mini-game menu – not the entire track and field event for your race to count. You also have to download a gamerpic, which registers you as eligible for the attempt. There is a different pic for each country, so register from your Xbox.

Microsoft Xbox and Rare Software's Kinect Sports World Record attempt 2011

To get an many people across Europe doing this, Microsoft Xbox Live are having a free Gold Access weekend to all members, and Kinect Sports multiplayer will be unlocked for All Xbox LIVE members in all regions so they can help the world record attempt.

Everyone who downloads the gamer pic and completes the record attempt will be rewarded with a Guinness World Records avatar tee for their Xbox Avatar to prove that they are a record breaker.

If you don’t have Kinect Sports, but have a friend who is willing to invite you over and try out for it, well, format a USB thumb drive in your Xbox 360 (it will wipe all the data on it, but the file you need to copy is tiny so use and backup your smallest thumbdrive). Then move (you can’t copy) your gamer profile from your own Xbox on to the thumbdrive / stick / card in reader. Then at your friends house, you can use that thumbdrive in their machine and connect to Xbox Live with your account in place. After the record winning effort, you can take the drive home and move the profile back on the machine.

I would like to see a whole bunch of Irish record breakers after this weekend.

So play on

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