Beyoncé to play Oxegen 2011

BeyoncéI‘m not over the moon about it to be honest. It’s been revealed that Beyoncé will play this year’s Oxegen Festival in Punchestown in July. I’m not a Beyoncé fan and, while I’m sure I’ll find something else to do while she’s girating on the main stage, I don’t think she’s a good fit for the festival. What do you think?

Beyoncé has a new album out this Summer, so Irish fans will be among the first to hear her new material. Below is the first single from her upcoming fourth solo album. Thoughts on the song? Thoughts on her Oxegen debut?

Tickets for Oxegen are on sale now from €99.50. For full details, see


3 thoughts on “Beyoncé to play Oxegen 2011

  • jon

    Hang on lets analyse this…

    Foo Fighters, Weezer, Artic Monkeys, Slash – Metal/Rock Heads

    Coldplay – Andy Gaffney

    Beyonce – Pop Pretty people

    Oxegen is gonna be a mess…

  • Bngr

    Neil – ha ha. She’ll be doing a cover of Jackson’s Black & White next.

    Beyoncee’s music is very annoying but there’s no point in being snob about it. Some people will love her.

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