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Published on May 9th, 2011 | by Sinead Keogh


New Music: EleventyFour

Since Cork’s EleventyFour told us that she hoped we were enjoying the sunny day when she sent in her EP for review, we felt a bit predisposed to like her. We liked her a bit more when we saw that her promo pic is of a beaming girl on a pogo stick…

We just plain loved her by the time we sat down with the headphones in to check out the tunes. A perfect mix of comedy and heart, Eleventy is a genre all her own that could probably be called ‘Happy Acoustic’ – and you don’t get much of that now do you?

The Joy Imperative debut EP comes after 3 years on the music scene in which she’s gigged on Arthur’s Day (as part of it mind, sure couldn’t we all busk on Grafton Street and say we gigged on Arthur’s Day ;)), as part of the Hard Working Class Heroes festival and hit the stage in Whelan’s like any up-and-comer on the Irish music scene. It’s a short 5-song offering but it uplifts with the best of them. You know you’re about to get something special when a song begins ‘I don’t know why but I stole a forklift yesterday...’ and you can add to that songs about giants and the sociological and demographic dissection that is ‘The Friend Song’. Made it sound a little sciencey did we? Don’t worry, the lyrics go I’ve got sexy friends, dyslexic friends…poet friends, heroic friends, let’s live in the moment friends, what kind of friend are you? Some songs make you plumb the the depths of your soul, Eleventy will have you plumbing the depths of your smile. Don’t believe us? Get thee to Bandcamp.

Check the lady out. She’s playing the Workman’s Club this Saturday night. Get your ass there.

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