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Published on May 19th, 2011 | by Sue Murphy


Movie Review: Blitz


Director: Elliott Lester

Cast: Jason Statham, Paddy Considine, Aidan Gillen

The fact that Jason Statham is in this film will give you a clear indication of what you are to expect here.  The kind of guy most people would imagine gets up in the morning and pours whiskey on his cornflakes, Statham is almost the exact same character in every feature film.  Not that it is a problem.  It clearly works for him.  Although he popped up in a couple of Guy Ritchie productions, it was The Transporter that put Statham on the map.  Down the line came Crank and ever since he has been earning millions reprising similar roles, embracing borderline ridiculous action flicks.

This is more of the same.  Directed by Elliott Lester who has been off the map since Love is the Drug, Blitz is based on the book by Ken Bruen, one of a series based on the characters Detective Sergeant Tom Brant and Chief Inspector James Roberts.  Dogged by bad publicity, Brant (Statham) receives the task of tracking down serial killer “The Blitz” (Gillen), responsible for a number of police deaths in London.  Brant is your typical bad cop who has a code, respected by those around him and forever in trouble; he invariably manages to get the job done.   While the killer continues to clock up murders and court the media, Brant and Nash (Considine) form a partnership to find the killer and bring him to justice.

What becomes entirely evident about fifteen minutes into Blitz is that the plot will not be something to write home about.  It aims to become a great crime thriller but without creating too much of “whodunit” for the audience to be interested in, it falls between two chairs.  The key to anything involving Jason Statham is not to take it too seriously and if you accept everything throughout this without questioning, it will become a far more enjoyable experience.  On top of this, Gillen’s Blitz is not the cruel and calculating serial killer you will expect to witness, more of a “disorganized chaos” type who almost lucks out with the circus he has created around himself.

Luckily, for what it lacks in gripping thriller, Blitz more than makes up for with cast. Although his character is what you would expect it to be, Statham is beyond charismatic on screen, funny and charming, some of his dialogue is genuinely hilarious, while still playing tough guy with a massive chip on his shoulder.  Considine seems willing to let Statham take the reins and delivers an understated performance as Nash.  At times, the scenes between him and Brant can almost become awkward to watch, but is an unlikely pairing that actually works.  Moreover, as for Gillen, off the back of Wake Wood and returning to HBO land with Game of Thrones, we are witnessing a star in the making.

Try not to expect too much and you will surely be rewarded.


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