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Published on May 26th, 2011 | by Éilish Burke


Ad Nauseam: De DAA Made Me Do It

Sometimes advertising can elevate itself to the realms of artistry. It can lift your spirits. It can raise the hairs on the back of your neck, make you drop your forkful of pasta with stir-in sauce and pause for a few seconds to contemplate the bigger things in life.

Sometimes it tries to do this and it fails:

God help them really, the DAA. They’re trying to create a Riverdance moment but it’s hard to conjure up that kind of magic when the general mood of the populace is in such tatters. They’re just not going to win us over by telling us how marvelous we are as we wheel our luggage trolleys towards Departures. The construction of Terminal 2 has been mired in controversy since day one with overspending and airline in-fighting played out in the public eye. The project got the go-ahead in 2005 at a time when the rot in the Celtic Tiger’s coffin was yet to start showing. This advertising campaign is meant to reassure us that it was all worthwhile; that we should be proud to have such a state-of-the-art facility in our country, even if it’s just because it’s the last thing tens of thousands of us see before we leave in the hope of starting afresh in a new country. Christ it’s depressing.

I’d much rather not be patronised thanks. Now for a dose of reality:

“We engage in unnecessary, often criminal behaviour and justify it by calling it the craic”

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About the Author

Éilish writes the Ad Nauseam series of posts for Culch.ie as well as some other bit and bobs. She used to work in adland and still likes to dissect the advertising she comes across, though these days mainly from the comfort of her couch and in the form of angry tirades while her flatmate rolls her eyes to heaven. She secretly harbours smug feelings that instead of saving and putting a deposit on a house she spent all her life savings on extravagant holidays and has therefore escaped a lifetime in negative equity. She co-runs a company called Amp Music Marketing. You can get in touch with her at eilishburke{at}gmail{dot}com or follow her on Twitter.

2 Responses to Ad Nauseam: De DAA Made Me Do It

  1. Joe says:

    I didn’t like that ad for the inherent smugness that comes with advertising something no one can in all honesty choose to avail of i.e. the potential airline passenger does not choose their flight based in the aesthetics of the terminal they’ll be flying from – anymore that the ludicrous idea of advertising the national electricity grid (Eirgrid) or the postal service.

    If we need to use any of these things with no real competitors, we’ll use them – advertising doesn’t come into it anymore than advertising oxygen would make me breathe more.

    In advertising Terminal 2, the DAA are basically throwing money away on a big public wank, narrated by a beardy man who obviously drinks liquid smug every morning.

    But Terminal 2 is as bad an idea as the current Terminal 1 was in the 70s, when people said it was a white elephant that would only ever be filled with departing emigrants……

  2. Yea that was my bugbear with it too and I was all ready to launch into a ‘waste of taxpayers’ money’ bit but then I researched and apparently it isn’t funded by the taxpayer. Then again they had to take out massive loans for it so I’d be surprised if the country doesn’t end up paying for it in some respects – could Terminal 2 potentially go into NAMA?

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