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Published on June 14th, 2011 | by Rob Cumiskey


The Devil in Music

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters first came to my attention with the raucous self -titled EP way back in 2007. They were making music unlike most in Ireland at the time and it was a refreshing blast of cheeky, heavy rock. This was my favourite from the EP:

Almost 4 years on, and they could not be sounding more different. Their latest offering ‘The Devil in Music’ is a far sleeker affair than anything that they have produced to date. There is a Southern American twinge to their sound now, that I have not heard before. Their music would be comfortable sitting on any New Orleans based soundtrack (the first that springs to mind is True Blood), and this is no bad thing. The music has a deep growl, and dirty backdrop and you can almost imagine the wildness and humidity of New Orleans, and the polarised and confused religious fundamentalism being drowned out by the Devil’s best tunes.

From start to finish, the album oozes quality and opts for slow burning, growers rather than trying to win the listener over immediately with shallow hooks and riffs.

The album stand out for me come in the shape of the dark piano blues of ‘Wasteland Overture’. Close your eyes and you will find yourself dreaming of yourself in a dank and dreary bar, sipping JD. The bass-driven ‘Fight the Grey’ really gets the head nodding and ‘Hatch Sixteen’ is a tune that I would love to hear on the airwaves, and soon!

Influences from early 90s grunge (big nod to Mr.Vedder) and southern blues shine through. These are 4 immensely talented men, and one hopes that they will begin to attract interest from further afield, and soon!

Check out the album here and of course, they’re on Facebook here.

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