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Published on July 21st, 2011 | by Lisa McInerney


New Music: Delilah – Go

Delilah is Paloma Stoecker, a striking diva-in-waiting, a purveyor of thoroughly modern urban soul with a voice capable of rushing from wavering fragility into powerful clarity in the same disarming lyric. Should that make her sound a little too like Adele Mark II, you might want to note that when I say modern, I don’t just mean voice-indulgent songs, or a charming shrugging-off of celebrity culture, I mean clever, stirring use of dirty beats and skewed rhythms. I mean something a bit … Jesus, cooler than the “urban belter” norm. Atmospherically closer to Sade than Adele, self-penned (and co-produced), complemented by her own piano arrangements, Delilah’s songs aren’t just clever and cool. They’re personal. Affecting. Accomplished.

Go is a collection of four songs which showcase that fantastic voice at satisfyingly different angles. I Can Feel You is a ballad with vocals and piano battling it out to gorgeous effect. Breathe is an atmospheric anthem, its lyrics both plaintive and defiant. Hater, easily as catchy as Amy Winehouse’s cheekier laments, oozes the insolence of a first break up. The title track pushes the classic Ain’t Nobody through indigo beats, Delilah’s voice stalking from breathy sensuality to brittle battle-cry, one moment Shakira, the next Alanis. The verdict? I would think one couldn’t help but be impressed; there’s range, here, plenty of ideas, and without doubt the talent to chase ’em.

Here, have a listen:

Delilah by delilahofficial

Go is out now on Atlantic UK.

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