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Published on July 25th, 2011 | by Andy Gaffney


Review: A Betrayal of Penguins – The Workman’s Club

A little while ago after seeing A Betrayal of Penguins supporting their sketch comedy peers ‘Foil, Arms and Hog’ at Whelan’s I mentioned that, golly I would like to see a full show of them. Sure enough just like that time I asked for Power Ranger toys for Christmas, I got my wish (which by the way, was very hard that year, when children did that thing where on Christmas Eve they talk to a Santa on a radio show, he was all like “Oh, I don’t know, the elves are finding them very hard to make”, so yeah, up yours other kids).

During the rather excellent ‘10 Days in Dublin’ said Penguins marched to the ‘Worksman’s Club’ for a preview of their upcoming Edinburgh show, and they really did put the nail into the coffin of my one-time hatred of sketch comedy. The show itself is a marriage of three stories set around a wedding, a day at the races and Oscars night (yes, its one of those modern three way marriages, so don’t bother pointing that out grandpaw). While the wedding and races settings are blooming good fun, the over all batty nature of the sketches set during the Oscars would be my personal favorite. Plus its not every show that you get to hear a pitch-perfect epilepsy joke, which is a shame really.  The thing I was most curious about was would I find the sketches I had previously seen funny a second time, and like a comedy DVD you get a Christmas (if you have crap power ranger hating parents, obviously), it still had me laughing.

A Betrayal of Penguins will be massive, and being really rather good, you probably should go see them before they get Bon Jovi big and can no longer fit into their tuxes from all drug binges that come with fame. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and haven’t smiled as much since my cousin said one Christmas “I really wanted the red one but Santa couldn’t get one”, because thats the magic of Christmas.


A Betrayal of Penguins are playing various dates around the country and in the UK and info can be found here:


Christmas happens most years, and can be mainly found on the 25th of December.



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One Response to Review: A Betrayal of Penguins – The Workman’s Club

  1. Sinead Keogh says:

    Saw them briefly as part of the line-up for The International Comedy Club show in the Iveagh Gardens over the weekend. Deadly as ever.

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