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Published on August 27th, 2011 | by Dermot


Movie Review: Kill List

So it’s a list. Of people to kill. I know. Bear with me.

It’s a list of people to kill. At least that is what they both believe.

This film is simply ingeniously gory, if that even makes sense. And full of suspense. We never really know what is coming next, and whatever does happen takes you completely by surprise. Whether that be by a twist in the story or just by total shock at the gore.

If you’re thinking of going because it’s a labelled “Horror” movie and/or you love scary films full of bloody goodness, I would think twice. Well… Maybe not necessarily think twice. Just know what you’re getting into, I suppose. It’s less of a horror and more of a “Thriller-with-a-hammer-in-the-back-of-my-head”. Yeah… Bit of a stretch but I reckon you would agree once you watch it.

The final scene, and don’t worry, no spoilers here, will leave you in total shock. And if you’re not like me, and are good at seeing through movie plots, then the ending might just disappoint you. But only in the sense that the ending wasn’t what you had expected, from an otherwise brilliant thriller (+hammer).

This film will not end how you expect it to end.

I was genuinely kept guessing throughout. I see a lot of thrillers/horrors, and you can most likely relate, and you pretty much bank on the blondie getting hers. Add mass amounts of blood, add girly screaming (from me) to the equation and you have typical modern day horror. Kill List has proper character development and an unpredictable plot. And it’s got a lovely brain to hammer ratio. All the signs of a brilliant thriller right?


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