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Published on November 6th, 2011 | by Peter


New Music Review: Wicker Bones – The Martry Sessions EP

About a week ago an email comes into Culch Towers from Dylan of Wicker Bones. Polite as you like, it’s a thanks for The Spirit of Folk review in which they featured. As well as that Dylan wanted to let me know Wicker Bones had just released a brand spanking new 6 track EP. I got it in the post on Thursday. Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding and welcome

The Martry Sessions

Backtracking slightly… of all the bands at The Spirit of Folk festival why did Wicker Bones catch me ? Here’s the easy bit. So I’m having a refreshment with McGuinness and one of us goes….

What the fook is that sound…. ?

The track recorded above Pipers Despair/ Follow Me Up To Carlow is just one track from the EP that I personally love.

Back to it. That question can be taken on two levels. Anthony took it on an entirely separate one. We decided to investigate the Magnakata Stage. I can’t entirely explain it why but we stayed. We liked it. I recorded two of their tracks. One of which [above] got lost in the archives like some sort of a how many versions of Polly did Nirvana actually record for this Anniversary album. Well not all really, but I’d like to think when the The Martry Sessions is celebrating 25 years they include me and this in the re-release DVD special. I was there, man.

My only fear ? The lads get put in the IRISH MUSIC section. Fair enough, you say. Right next to Daniel O’Donnell. Pause. In that context you may consider some of what they do Hardcore Trad or Alternative Irish. And you might not be far off the mark. This is what makes them unique. Remember Teen Spirit ? A good thing.

My take on Wicker Bones is this:

Irish Music. Raw. Pure. Extremely, well rehearsed. Emotion. Talented musicians. Nice guys. Gents. Individual. Individuals.

Wicker Bones take on Wicker Bones ?

Wicker Bones began in 2009 with a group of friends playing songs into the early hours. A shared interest in folk and ballads encouraged the formation of the band. Formerly known as Holy Bleedin Jaysus, Wicker Bones have progressed rapidly and now play a varied mixture of Irish, English, Scottish and American folk alongside original material.

Wicker Bones’ style has been described as raw and powerful with their own material and arrangements exploring dissonance, unconventional keys and unorthodox meters.

Wicker Bones secured their first residency in The Pint on Eden Quay in September ’09 and were soon offered a second residency at The Ball Alley in Lucan. In January ’11 they then went on to secure a third residency in The Courtyard Hotel, Leixlip.

Between these gigs they also play regularly at various venues across Dublin and Ireland.

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