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Published on December 5th, 2011 | by Culch.ie


Procrastination Alert: The Metro Herald 2011 Survey

You know that awesome moment when a boy you like knows who you are? 

This week we got a press release from Metro Herald… yeah, those guys with the free paper. It made our bloody day. Metro is one of those free things that isn’t shit. We’ve been known to twitpic their more random articles on the Culch Twitter account when we’re on lunchbreak in Culch Towers. We like blipparing stuff (look, if you don’t know don’t embarrass yourself by asking, just Google it…) and their cute animal photos fill us with joy.

So yes, we were completely delighted and totally impressed with ourselves that they know who we are and naturally thought even if this press release is about Anne Doyle’s merkin, we’re still covering it.

As it turned out, the press release was about the Metro Herald 2011 Survey – The State of Us – and we just did it and it’s choccer with fun questions.

From the press release: Metro Herald is compiling the definitive, but not too serious look at 2011 and we need the public’s help. From today, the newspaper invites the good people of Ireland to complete the survey. To take part, they can find the Metro Herald page on Facebook and answer the questions across a range of topics from Entertainment to Society, from Sport to Politics. Once complete, people can share the survey with their facebook friends and help Metro Herald capture the nation’s mood on an eventful year for the country.

What ‘The State of Us’ lacks in scientific statistical analysis, it makes up for in bribery. By completing the least boring survey of 2011 people can win a €1,000 cash prize, an iPad2 or €25 One4All vouchers to spend on stuff they probably don’t need.

We strongly encourage you to choose ‘Other’ for Biggest Female Ride 2011 and put in Michelle Doherty as she’s our latest Culch crush and maybe if we help her win something she’ll come back to visit us again.

In summary: Fun survey, prizes, Michelle Doherty and OMG MetroHerald know who we are.

Ahem. Morto for ourselves.

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