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Published on December 7th, 2011 | by Sinead Keogh


Shameless Pimping: Electric Ireland #tweetemhome Race from Dublin – Galway

So this is the story. Electric Ireland (the ESB) are holding a charity race from Dublin to Galway and back. Three celeb teams – Team A Joe Rooney and Mundy in the DeLorean supporting Concern; Team B Katie Van Buren and Andrew Stanley in the New York Taxi supporting the Irish Cancer Society, and Team C Brent Pope and Keith Barry in the Renault Trophy supporting the ISPCC – are competing to bag €20,000 for their chosen charity.

Each team has to bag petrol for their tank by having their hashtag used on Twitter, mentioned on Facebook, and by doing various challenges along the way… and each team has an online supporter. Culch.ie is the official supporter of Team A, Joe Rooney, Mundy and our lovely driver Ian O’Flynn.

It takes place Thursday 8th and Friday 9th, each day we’ll be stopping in towns along the way to do challenges. Throughout the two days, we’ll be begging, pleading, cajoling and if necessary flirting with the internet to get you all to use the hashtag #ESBElectricIrelandTeamA so that we can WIN GOD DAMN IT WIN ahem, secure the €20,000 for our charity, Concern. As a sweetener for you the viewer at home, Electric Ireland will be giving away two Samsung Galaxy tablets to people who get involved in the tweet action, so you might even win a pressie for your good dead.

If you don’t know what Concern do, they provide relief and development aid for poorer countries suffering through poverty. If you don’t know what Joe Rooney does, he provides relief and laughter to our own poor country suffering through poverty. And if you don’t know what Mundy does, you’ve never Googled ‘greyhound skirt’ and sat shocked and slack-jawed in front of your computer for a full minute.

We apologise in advance for the amount of times you’ll see #ESBElectricIrelandTeamA in your feed today and tomorrow – but it’s for charity and we’ll be keeping it interesting with pictures from the road and if you really, really, think it’s getting all up in your grill, we get it and we’ll be kind and let you know you can mute hashtags in Twitter clients like Echofon and Tweetdeck.

So that’s all folks… please keep our petrol tank topped up by using #ESBElectricIrelandTeamA in every tweet where you have 24 of your 140 characters to spare and if we cross the finish line first, we’ll remember you in our letters to Santy.

It’s for  two good causes… Concern, and certain members of Culch.ie not being stranded in Mullingar waiting for a fill of hashtags for the DeLorean before we can drive on.

If you’ve ever wanted to do something fairly effortless for charity, if Joe ‘Father Damo’ Rooney brings a smile to your face, if Mundy’s Galway Girl still gets you up dancing or if you were just a fan of The A-Team and you’re happy to let us make a tenuous connection because we’re #ESBElectricIrelandTeamA, use the hashtag and tweet us home…

If you’d like to follow all the action, we’ve curated a Twitter List of all the teams on the Culch Twitter account, and you can follow it here.

May the best DeLorean win!

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