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Published on December 17th, 2011 | by Amanda


Steve Cummins: Where do Daddies come from? A pregnancy bible for men

I went to the recording of Republic of Telly last Sunday (and before you ask yes Dermot is kinda cute up close!) and the extremely talented Steve Cummins was the warm up, get the audience in a laughing mood guy. So being the nice person I am I sent him a message the next day telling him I really enjoyed his stuff. I was not prepared for his response, which went along the lines of on the off-chance that you are pregnant I have a new book out… or if you want to get pregnant that would be great. Hmmm. I’m not really feeling in the mood to get pregnant at the moment so we made a compromise which involves me telling all you lovely people about his new book.

We all know there a about a gazillion books out there to help women through pregnancy from what to expect to what foods are best to eat. But have you ever seen a book specifically for the expectant Dads? I know I haven’t! That’s where Steve steps in.

Where do Daddies Come From? is a genuinely laugh out loud, helpful book to make pregnancy easier for both expectant parents. As it says on the tin: Everyone is concentrating on her at the moment, and rightly so! But here is a soothing hand to all the men out there. It is filled with information and advice on what you need to know about pregnancy and some puerile gags that you don’t. From breast milk target practice to protection from the “Tit Nazis” this book offers advice and support in a hilarious format which keeps the laughs coming at breakneck speed while genuinely preparing you to help the woman you love.

So if you are an expectant Dad I highly recommend this book, if you’re an expectant Mother I recommend you buy this as an excellent present for the man in your life, or if you have a friend expecting a baby with the woman in his life, go buy this book for him, if nothing else it will give him a laugh. Also if your into that sort of thing…Buy it anyway…just for the laugh! It will make for a super Christmas present!

Where do Daddies Come From?  is available on Amazon and in all good books shops.

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