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Published on January 13th, 2012 | by Peter


The Real Traditional Irish Music Session

It might not look like a place for a thumping night and due to life and natural cycles the trad session in Ballyboughal did take a mild reprieve [Dont we all do that], possibly explaining why it hasn’t appeared in my audio stream for some time. But it’s back…. and it seems better than ever before.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even make sense, to some, when I explain this outside of Ireland; That it costs nothing. Nothing to enter or to listen to the music. That the musicians don’t get paid and – yet they come here, to play and to listen. Not in its favour ? In case you haven’t gathered, it’s no city centre superpub. Just for the pure craic.

And the funny thing is, you just don’t know what exactly it is you’ll get to hear. Just wait for the violin to come in this bit of audio….

Loving the trad (mp3)

Real trad. Mans music for women. 😉

Ballyboughal trad music (mp3)

  • O’Connors Pub – Ballyboughal, Co. Dublin
  • Friday’s @ 10pm

connors pub, ballyboughal

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