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Published on January 20th, 2012 | by Amanda


Comedy Review: The Tunnel Comedy Club, Drogheda

On Saturday 14th I ventured to the Tunnel Comedy Club in Drogheda for my first out-of-Dublin comedy review.

The venue itself is located quite literally in a cellar. It’s down an alleyway, brightly lit I’m happy to report. On walking into the pub you are faced with an actual tunnel complete with stone wall surroundings. I must admit I was very impressed with the venue. It is certainly very well set up for comedy.

Harry McGarry

MC for the evening was club owner Harry McGarry. Harry has great stage presence and is very energetic. It is this energy and enthusiasm which transfers to the audience and makes them want to go along with him for the ride. From tales of unwanted Christmas presents and how to deal with them to getting fit, Harry had the audience in stitches.

Mark Cahill was the first up to grace the stage with his comedic abilities. There is something quite endearing about Mark. He really connects with the audience. His somewhat shy disposition is what makes me want to watch him. From tales of his friends and their rather strange illnesses to the fact that men just don’t know how to buy presents, he had the crowd roaring with laughter. Ending his act on a high however the crowd were treated to a special showing of the “Don’t pick and drive” ad, complete with cardboard car and bicycle. Mark is entertaining to watch and worth catching if you get the chance.

Next up we had Rory O’Hanlon. Rory is a very polished comedian with perfect comic timing. He opened his set with all things Irish; even giving Jedward a mention … my advice is not to mention them to him! His laid back approach is what makes Rory so likeable and is why the audience were in fits of laughter during his set. Rory is an absolute joy to watch on stage and it would be just wrong to not catch him at some stage.

After a short break Harry was back telling us about his venture of getting fit with LMFM and their first meeting as a group (an AA meeting for cake lovers, apparently). I’ll let that image sit with you for a while!

Pauline Curtain was next on stage. Pauline is a very quick-witted and intelligent comedian. She has a very dry sense of humour and despite slipping into the clichéd “its tough being a female comedian” routine halfway through her set, for the most part I found her funny and entertaining. I’m not sure I believe her assumption Mandys get all the boys though…

Pat McDonnell

Headlining the gig was Pat McDonnell. Pat began his set by telling the crowd that Ireland is really fecked, but sure it’s a bit of craic, to which he received cheers and claps. The crowd was hooked. Pat seemed much more relaxed on stage this time than the last time I saw him. Pat is not afraid of poking fun at himself in the form of “Look at the head on that”, which is a good quality when you are trying to make people laugh. Though most people would agree it is the combination of that head and that accent that makes Pat set for comedy. Pat is a hilarious story teller who can draw you in and make you feel part of his stories. The crowd loved him, as did I. Pat is a comic genius who manages to strike the balance between being slightly shy and drawing the crowd in just enough to make them feel part of his tales. You would be a fool to miss an opportunity to see him.

Overall the Tunnel comedy club is very welcoming and friendly. On Saturday night, the club was packed but it was not overly full either. So if you fancy seeing some top class acts in a pub underground a street in Drogheda for the measly price of €5 then I suggest you give the Tunnel a shot.

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