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Published on February 14th, 2012 | by pluincee


Culch Valentine’s: What love is

Hi there gorgeous,
So, Valentine’s Day. Starry-eyed loser, star-crossed lover or cross-eyed malcontent, you’re bound to have an opinion on it, yes? Be it a memory, a barely-concealed urge to vomit, a poem for your other half that makes the rest of us vomit, a scribbled note on what a perfect valentine’s would be for you, a history lesson on the relics of St Valentine, an angry swipe at Hallmark, a cry for help because you don’t know your partner much better than you know your postman and you’re deathly scared of trying to shop for them or anything in between, we share those feelings and each day in the run up to the 14th one of Culch’s writers will bring you their own personal Valentine’s thoughts.
With love and last-minute garage chocolates,

About the Author

Can be found on twitter (@pluincee) or on his own blog (http://short.ie/pluincee).

2 Responses to Culch Valentine’s: What love is

  1. peter says:

    plunky ? – I thought it was Plugh-in-cee
    still, makes a change from the deadly Darren Byrne vids craze. Although I’d like to see Darren’s do a mash up version of this vid.
    On a serious note – enjoyed that.
    Also – I want an arrow. And an arrow sharpener 😉

    well done mate

  2. pluincee says:

    Thanks Donegan 🙂 Most people who know me online first also think that is how it’s pronounced!

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