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Published on February 17th, 2012 | by Amanda


Comedy Review: Fred Cooke “Tilted” @ Whelan’s

The stage is set…..
the room is full to the rafters, the lights dimmed, the voices in the audience suddenly grow silent as Fred Cooke’s voice booms out over the speakers welcoming everyone to Whelan’s and thanking them for coming, before announcing that he won’t be gracing the stage just yet as he is in Charlie’s across the way having some fried chicken, but that he is very pleased to welcome to the stage a wonderful MC in the form of Tommy Nicholson.

Tommy Nicholson is a Navan man who if you don’t find funny, I would be worried. He has a very open stage presence which helps in endearing the crowd towards him. Not only were the crowd treated to Tommy Nicholson as MC, but Simon O’Keeffe provided support. With two acts such as these, you just knew it was going to a good night. Simon is a great comedian, who is a fantastic storyteller with an almost satirical way of telling his tales. However watch out if you live in D4, he’s coming at ya with a rant!

Keyboard action

After a short break, it was Fred time. Fred came out on the stage with what can only be described as a “Fred” entrance, on board the tiniest skateboard I have ever seen, being dragged along by Tommy! At the beginning of the gig, it was obvious that Fred was very nervous, he opened by engaging in audience participation/improv which resulted in him offering the one remaining seat in the front row to a woman who became a bit of a nightmare during some of the gig for him, though he did manage to work her into a song, no mean feat I imagine!

For much of the gig I was delighted I wasn’t sitting in the front row unlike the girl who was the subject of a whole song performed by Fred, once he finally got her name thanks to her very helpful friends. I am not sure why people sit in the front row of a comedy gig if they don’t think they will be picked on? If her friends had not helped out, I think Fred may have been in trouble!

Fred is an amazing performer and gives 110% on stage, with this gig I think he had the perfect blend between stand up and song, and he even brought out the keyboard. Fred has previously told me that he calmed it down on the stage for his shows…I didn’t see any evidence of this however!

The set list! 🙂

For those who missed the show, I have included a short clip below; just to give you a taster of what you missed. I was given a sneak peak of Fred’s set list before the gig and I’ve included one of those pics though, just for you guys.

If there is one thing I just HAVE to mention it is his Michael Jackson impression. I sat up and took notice…where the hell did that come from? If there is one reason to see Fred, THAT is it!

Fred finished the show on an old favourite song which includes lyrics “I’d rather have sex with a prostitute who says look Fred its fine, keep the money”

A Fred Cooke gig is always going to be full of fun and mischief that is what Fred is. If you are looking for a good night while you sit crossed-legged trying not to pee yourself from laughing too hard, I suggest you catch Fred at some stage at his various gigs. I am already looking forward to Whelan’s or maybe even Vicar Street next year (no pressure Fred!)

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