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Published on February 24th, 2012 | by Amanda


Comedy Review: Simon O’Keeffe @ The Workman’s Club

Last Saturday Simon O’Keeffe took the jump from headlining various comedy clubs around Dublin and MC’ing the Capital Comedy Club to presenting us with his own one man show Neighbourhood #1 (Love, Sex and the Northside) at the Workman’s Club.

Providing support to Simon on the night was Matt Saddlier whose randomness made for some interesting comedy. From observations such as how the Olympic committee could convince the English darts team to walk about the track during the open ceremony to describing the correct way to eat a KitKat bar (if you don’t know God help you around Matt), he had the audience chuckling away in their seats. Matt is a great storyteller and is easy to listen to which is a bonus.

After a short break it was Simon’s big moment. As he walked out on stage wearing a shirt and a tie my initial thought was ‘he’s made an effort’! At the beginning of the gig Simon was nervous, that much was clear. He began with some audience interaction which seemed to put him at ease after a few minutes and after a while even threw in material that wasn’t planned.


Settling into his on stage persona, Simon told tales of appearing on the TV show Take Me Out and the fact that they wouldn’t let him say his favourite joke. What was that? You want to hear it you say? Well ok then, here goes! “If you hold a nurses vagina up to your ear, you can hear Copperface Jacks!”

Simon has an almost conversational way on stage with the audience which has its positives points. Where his genius lies is his punch lines, said with perfect comic timing, such as during a Bible sketch, the line “18:22, he wrote it at dinner time”.

On stage

There is no denying that Simon is a funny man. He has made a name for himself on the Irish comedy circuit over the last number of years and it shows in his loyal fan base. In my own opinion, Simon lacked something on stage, I think for me there was a lack of connection between Simon on stage and the audience; however I did still find myself laughing along at his jokes.

This gig was Simon’s first solo show and as a first show it went well. Simon is a great comedian, has some fantastic material, delivers it with precision and has just the right mix between improv/audience interaction and prepared material to make the show interesting and very funny. I await Simon’s next show which I’m told may well be very soon!


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2 Responses to Comedy Review: Simon O’Keeffe @ The Workman’s Club

  1. Cormac says:

    Hey Amanda!!

    If I wear a shirt and tie will you come review my next gig?!?!

    Pretty please :/


    wink face

  2. salman says:

    Would you give me an honest review on my standup clip? I’m a comedian based in Dubai!!!

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