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Published on March 28th, 2012 | by Laura


Comedy: Vultures

You like to laugh don’t you? Of course you do, you dirty bitch. Well pay attention because this may make you do just that. If it doesn’t? Well we don’t know what to tell you.

Irish detective web-series Vultures returns with a new series to your local computer screen. Probably the one you are looking at right now. Aye, we see ye.

We at Culch.ie love a good detective story particularly one with the word ‘dicks’ in the title. The new episode features student detective Janine Drew as she makes a documentary about unemployed detectives in Ireland and tries to find out what happened to the former dicks of Vultures Private Investigations. Starring Suzanne O’Brien (Janine Drew), Sean Hackett (Niall Tennyson), John Morton (Jim Vultour) and David Thompson (Dan McGrain) it’s worth a look. The first of four; episodes will go online monthly between now and June.

Produced by Mycrofilms, Vultures has been widely acclaimed since its online debut in late 2007. One of the first Irish webcoms produced, it frequently rests at the top of the comedy video podcasts chart on iTunes. The team have been shortlisted for the Digital Comedy Lab. Rest assured this is a big deal. The winning projects (one from Ireland and one from the UK) will be announced at Cannes Film Festival this year and will receive a budget of €50,000 to make their own original ‘mockumentary’ feature film. Get them.

You can watch Vultures on www.vulturesPI.com, you can subscribe to their feed via iTunes and you can follow their YouTube channel www.youtube.com/VulturesPI.

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