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Published on September 14th, 2012 | by Peter


New Irish Music EP: Wicker Bones – Concatenation

Last year when The Martry Sessions EP came through my door, I did kind of have a ‘what the fook’ moment. Eh… actually it was a bit more than that. Warranted it was and I wasn’t alone. You’ll have to read that review to understand what I mean… A few weeks either side of a year later and the most rugged talented bunch of Irish Jimi Hendrix [what’s the plural of Hendrix ?] musical relations come knocking. Guess what ?

The nice guys of Irish music are on EP number frickin two – 6 tracks, in each, fresh out of Electric Picnic and now headed to The Spirit of Folk Festival 2012. How many can say that in the one swift breath of tradtional Irish air ?

So what of The Wicker Bones latest beau ? Here’s a bit of what they have to say….

…It represents our strongest expression of the musical material closest to our heart and also aims to broaden the scope of what a traditional band, where three out of five members cannot read music, can do. Concatenation was recorded and mixed by the wonderful Conor Brady of Phonic Studios, Dublin.

I left Conor’s name in there for the craic. Deserved. Back to it, my turn. When I really listened to the music, EP number two that is, all I could think is [again] well that’s exactly what The Velvet Underground did. Venus in Furs, [have you ever really listened to the lyrics to that ?] versus Sunday Morning. Sweet versus sour. And Lou and co did it way back in March 1967.  Tenner says your folks weren’t allowed played that album. And that, in my eyes is a little of what the boys do, extremely well. 

Don’t believe me. Press play on Concatenation I, just the first 10 seconds. Then try Love Link or Red Iron Ore. It is so good, it’s almost genius. Or just listen to the whole lot of it. And then pass it on. It’s free to download. From their website. See below. Told you they were nice lads.

Wicker Bones will be doing a full length concept album early 2013. I’m looking forward to that one. It’ll be [insert ‘more than’ mathematical sign here] interesting to see what they come up with. Legends. Genius. Go forth. Enjoy.

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