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Published on June 5th, 2013 | by Peter


Spark and Line Exhibition @ Gallery Zozimus

heidi wickham, michael budd

Spark and Line, says sculptor Michael Budd

is a joint exhibitionism with the illustrator Heidi Wickham that opened at Gallery Zozimus, Frances Street, Dublin, on the 23rd of May at 6pm and runs to the 7th of June. Heidi has based her work around images of the forge and my work in a response to how I feel working as an artist in Ireland today. This is the first time Heidi and I have worked together on a project and it has been extremely enjoyable. I love Heidi’s evocative, playful work.

Attached are photos of Heidi and myself at the opening and one piece of Heidi’s work and acrylic painting called Blacksmith’s block. Also a photo of one of my sculptures, The Gift that keeps on oppressing, which is 500mm square and has over 30 meters of forged steel in it.

30 metres. Three. Zero. That’s wider than your house. Also I remember Michael when he had long hair. Like I used to. Ah them were the days. It closes in 2 days time:

michael budd, sculpt

and this by Heidi

heidi wickham, art

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