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The Culch

Published on August 7th, 2013 | by Peter


The Craft Collection Beer Hall @ Indie13

The Craft Collection Beer Hall, Indie13 (4)

In the middle of  Indiependence 2013, in the the middle of a farm shed sat The Craft Collection Beer Hall. To the left was The Craft Collection Stage and to the right, one mahooosive bar, complete with a flat screen tele where crowds crammed to watch the Dubs play. 

Throw in some seating made from pallets, tables from old ESB coils, The Hot Sprockets on stage and some home made ping pong tables and you’ve a rough gist of what this place was like.

The Craft Collection Beer Hall, Indie13 (3)

It’s a bit mad, in a sense coz I’ve done the VIP gig at Electric Picnic and a little it seems like Oxegen13, that sort of thing is maybe on the down. That’s not a bad thing; but a taster of fine dining with a most suited beer was a real honour and something I had never done before. In shorts and a t-shirt. Having just got out of a tent. In a, up until very recent deer farm. 

On a slide side note, The Craft Collection were very lovely in giving me an extra ticket for #Indie13 when they found out I was headed on my lonesome. Cheers lads. Very much appreciated.

The Craft Collection Beer Hall, Indie13 (5)

Back to it, and it’s all a bit surreal when you add it all together and throw in a select group of festival-ers in there to taste the up until very recent unknown. Blind folded. There on the day was very lovely head don Jenny Elliot.


The first bit of audio is the start of the tasting and then a band went mental on stage and so I waited ’til after and we had a chat outside. Also, it was day 2 of Indiependence for me. And it was far from a radio studio Indiependence 😉

Of note: The Shandon Stout and The Rebel Red brewed by Shane Long at the not so far away Franciscan Well, Cork. Rebel. Red. When in Rome Midleton etc.

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