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Gigs peter donegan and martin duffy

Published on September 24th, 2013 | by Peter


Review: Spirit of Folk Festival 2013

spirit of folk 2013

Above image: Myself with organiser Martin Duffy, courtesy Brian Greene.

Year 3, my third year at The Spirit of Folk Festival kicked off Saturday 22nd September and though it was only for 1 day and night, it was as always so very beautiful.

It seems funny to want a passage of time to never end… and this year was no different.


A bit like the happiest game of snakes and Ladders played within a Jamesless giant peach, it is a very beautiful thing to see a feeling turn into an event and watch it grow only then to ram it into a calculator and press the square root button.

And then you realise that the #soF13 family could have asked me to come to the field with nothing but a tree under my left oxter and it would have been as beautiful, solely because of the people there.

Now add back in the hug I received from organiser head Natasha upon my arrival, some cracking new music and a very warm welcome to the promised land….

no bread

First band on my list to chat to were the young rapscallions and one of the first to play on the day ‘No Bread’. 

That said, my find [?] of the gig, if not the year was, the now very highly recommended Tod Doyle and The Troubled. I fell so in love with their song Kirbman, that I forgot to record it. I’ll make sure to rectify that Tod, I promise.

A short chat on experimental archaeology [airs on The Sodshow] and some story telling at the cairn kept me away from some of the music acts but when I returned I did manage to catch very brilliant and previously noted Moxie, Carriages and the return of the band Lynched.

lynched sof13

The closing of the live music came via the genius and fresh out of #EP13 Bunoscionn – hat tip to a total legend of a drummer and the coolest bass player in the country. Before they went on stage I managed to catch up with the ever fantabulous and lovely Glenda for a chat.

After their set, a procession followed them off stage through the site for The Burning of The Phoenix. And as you might gather the night did not end there as we headed over to The Hall of Heroes. Genius as always.

What the team have planned for Spirit of Folk 2014, I have no idea. What I do know is I will be there and genuinely cannot wait for it’s return. To everyone that is The Spirit of Folk, thank you all so very much. You are, as you began, so very very beautiful.

burning of the phoenix #sof13

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