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Published on October 25th, 2013 | by Peter


New Music Review: Tod Doyle and The Troubled – These Days

tod doyle music

It was in my review of the Spirit of Folk Festival that I noted:

my find [?] of the gig, if not the year was, the now very highly recommended Tod Doyle and The Troubled. I fell so in love with their song Kirbman, that I forgot to record it. I’ll make sure to rectify that Tod, I promise.

I was walking through the woods, not towards the stage, when not for the first time I was drawn towards a sound. And as I sat down to see what they were like, as one does at a festival and a new sound, this song started playing…. 

First formed in Budapest in 2012, in the same year released their debut album “These days” and since have been hard at work touring and promoting the album across the water in Ireland and the UK.

How good do others think they are ? Unknowns to me, at the time of my first hearing them, they prior to finalists for the 2012 Music Review Unsigned Artist Awards in the newcomer of the year category.

Tod tells me they’ll have a 4 track live video coming out soon with 3 new tracks. Not officially an EP but all our newer stuff, he notes.

Also of note, their 8 track album is more than well worth the 4 Euro [or more] over on bandcamp. And this, this is possibly up there with the easiest higher than highly recommended review [?] I have ever done.

And there is, nothing more to say. The music speaks for itself. And it is damn good. Enjoy. Buy. You’re welcome.

Further info:

tod doyle and the troubled

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