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The Culch

Published on November 14th, 2014 | by Darren Byrne


I want to be cynical, but these four ads are breaking my heart

So, it seems the marketing industry is trying to turn us into blubbering messes this Christmas. On the bus this morning, I watched Sainsbury’s Christmas advert (it aired during Corrie a couple of nights ago, apparently). I shared it on Facebook, which started a slew of “but did you see XYZ’s new ad?”.

Here are the four TV ads that have me bawling my big red eyes out this morning. I’m sure there are more out there – please don’t share them in the comments below. I can’t take it.

#4: Dunnes Stores

I’m starting light. This one probably won’t make you weep, but it is quite lovely.

#3: John Lewis

It’s sweet all the way along. Then the final few seconds break me.

#2: Boots

Same as the John Lewis ad; the pay-off reduces me to shriveling wreck.

#1: Sainsbury’s

Nope – I can’t cope. So much tears. The kids on the bus this morning must have been wondering what was wrong with the weird old guy crying into his phone.

Go on, what other ones have I missed. Throw the links in the comments below. Or let me know on Twitter .

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