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Published on June 19th, 2015 | by Simon Maracara


5 ways to prepare for Idina Menzel concert tomorrow

The voice of the ice queen Elsa, from the Disney animation hit ‘Frozen’, and the misunderstood Elphaba, the green witch in the Broadway musical ‘Wicked’, is perfoming in Dublin for the first time this Saturday, 20th June, at the Board Gais Energy Theatre and such an event needs the adequate amount of preparation and dedication. Here five easy ways to start…

1. The Details:
IdinaTicketsIdina Menzel will step on the stage and perform in front of a crowd of over 2,000 people at 8 PM on Saturday 20th June (that’s next Saturday, tomorrow, like). Tickets can still be found on Ticketmaster.com from 80 euros, or maybe you can try your luck on DoneDeal.ie for seats closer to the stage.

This is Idina’s first European and Asian tour. She’ll be arriving to Dublin fresh from her first shows in South Korea, Japan and The Philippines, and will be heading out next to the UK for four more gigs. The star also made apareances in Amsterdam and Antwerp.

2. Warm up your voice:
You’ll be wanting to sing all night long with the Broadway icon and so you’d better prepare. Warming up is an essential part of singing no matter if you’re a professional or just an overexcited fan, besides no one likes a hoarse voice on Sunday morning.

IdinaWarmUpOne should start at the begining by doing scales, humming “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do” from low to high and high to low will warm up your voice and extend it both its top and bottom ranges. Also it’s quite easy.

You should also work on trills to relax your tongue and improve your breathing, trying some vocalizations to stretch your vocal folds and so. You should check wikiHow for a more comprehensive explanation.

Also! Stay away from cold drinks for the day. “Ice cold water will just clam up your vocal folds, very literally,” say the experts.

3. The Setlist:

Any regular pop show is due to showcase the singer’s hit songs to please the crowds. But when it comes to Idina she TECHNICALLY only has one hit song, ‘Let it Go’ from the Disney animated movie that made it into the Top 10 of Billboard back in 2014. But in an interview earlier this year, when talking about her new tour, the singer explained that “I sort of consider songs like (Wicked‘s) ‘Defying Gravity’ and songs from Rent to be my other hit songs. If I can put the microphone out and the audience can sing every word, then that’s my hit song so I make sure that I includes those songs.”

Excited yet? So it’s really important to look up her most iconic songs and learn all the lyrics and handography in time for the concert. You don’t own any of her songs? No problem, Spotify has most of them, put on your headphones and start singing.

4. Wardrobe selection:IdinaTshirt

I know it’s very last minute and not everyone can fit in a costume of Queen Elsa, they usually come in sizes for little kids. Also painting your entire face green might be a bit over the top for the class and etiquette of the Board Gais. So better make your own t-shirt in honor of the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem. A ‘Frozen’ tank from Penneys would do just fine as well.

5. Just let it go!

No matter what you wear, where you’re seated, if you know all of the lyrics or not, I bet it’s a night to just have a great time. Let It (all) Go on Saturday and have fun!


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