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Published on August 3rd, 2015 | by Peter


The Harleys. Live at Empire Bar Swords

It’s not my first time to cover The Harleys here on culch.ie. Coincidentally, the last time they played (that I covered it) was back in 2013 and they were playing at the Slaughtered Lamb. That building closed however and has been now rebuilt internally, remodelled and lives now under the name of Empire Bar, Swords.

Fastrack some moons later, and they, the The Harleys that is, are still thank God on the go (though the line up has it seems changed ever so slightly and now includes a new lead guitar and drummer who were to my recollection two former members of Franklin, a group I remember seeing playing eons ago play live at The Man O’War pub. Two very fine additions I should add) and rattling out everything you could ever love that is old school loud that your grandmother (unless she was at Woodstock) might complain about. That said, it and they are pretty f*&king genius and I love it.

Take a listen……

From Whitesnake to Led Zep and from Thin Lizzy to ACDC, The Harleys are an extremely well oiled outfit and higher than highly recommended. Throw back into the the mix one legend of a bass player, a drummer whos head I thought migght fall off at one point, a legend of a lead guitarist and one heck of a front man. What’s not to love. Go see. Check it out. And don’t forget to write your requests on the back of a 10 pound note.

the harleys

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