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Published on October 12th, 2015 | by Peter


Game Review: Fifa16, PS4

fifa 16, ps4


I don’t consider myself a “gamer”, more a fella who likes to do some spare time things in the not outdoors. That in mind, I buy my games like I buy my vinyls. ie. They have to have a decent lifespan and should last a good full season. Also whilst there are a bizillion others review sites that will tell you the how to best play and all the tricks – This is not one of them.

Of note – I’ve just updated to PS4 this year. Which meant I missed Fifa15 – my first year ever; and that since the original white PS One way back.

To this game:

On disc insertion, there’ll be a few updates that’ll come down the internet line which’ll take a little bit. Once sorted, I kicked off with a few “Play Now” games just to get used to it again. No harm either or and I was a little rusty and/ or things have changed (a lot) in just my one season out. In particular of note, in the defending department (this fifa16 defending tutorial video should help you there) and though for the better for playing, for me it was something that took a little to get my head around.

General thoughts:

Fifa and EA Sports have always been the revelation of the century. This time, they really have excelled themselves, again. And I’m wondering just how on earth they’re gonna manage to top this one come 2017.

To the point – In career mode (for eg) it’s as real as it gets. Players bitch and moan and want more money, over rated youngsters want more game time and money, others want to leave for no apparent reason – which you read about in the media via their agent of course – Jack Grealish sought a transfer just 3 months after I signed him, Matheu Flamini, though he didn’t mind being a fringe player was sent off more often for what others received a yellow for – and my board of executives transfer listed the Arsenal french forward for being a deuschbag.

That aside, in game. It’s better. It’s more realistic. From the simple things of your keeper urging the team to push forward, the team crowding in on the keeper when corners are being taken all the way down to two balls ending up on the pitch just before a throw in is about to be taken.

And of course it is EA Sports and Fifa16 – see video below – and that pretty much sums up how the game actually feels. It receives the highest recommendation I could ever give it.


Expect to pay around 55 – 74.99 euros. More than well worth it. You’ll still be playing this one this time next year. Expect to find yourself sitting in front of the tele box at 4.47 am thinking to yourself, “sure I’ll head up after the next game…..”

My notes of Advice:

  • Take the time to set up your team play settings, squad and player roles.
  • Use the time between games with the varying practice modes offered – they’re actually quite good.
  • ….and useful if you’re not a full on gamer player
  • In career mode keep your eye on the print media.
  • And don’t be afraid to put your star man in reserves every now and again. They and their egos need a rest.
  • Will not be dated by December when the festive season comes around. You know (s)he wants it.
  • As enjoyable offline as any online game.
  • You can figure the rest out yourself.

Also Anthony is set to review this from an Online prespective. This review solely my preferred way of playing – offline.

Note of thanks: Claire from OLeary PR.

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