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Published on November 18th, 2015 | by Peter


Game Review: Need For Speed 2016, PS4


I don’t consider myself a “gamer”, more a fella who likes to do some spare time things in the not outdoors. That in mind, I buy my games like I buy my vinyls. ie. They have to have a decent lifespan and should last a good full season. Also, whilst there are a bizillion others review sites that will tell you the how to best play and all the tricks – This is not one of them.

Of note:

There’s maybe a case for the Rory McIlroy in here where I don’t play golf, but love the game and equally here where – Though I have seen films with very fast cars in them I have never owned a go fast-er car, nor one with an ironing board sellotaped to the boot, and never ever one with a nitro go faster booster injector button.

To this game:

Instructions (RTFM) not necessary. Just pop it in. It’s pretty self-explanatory and a little figuring out.

General thoughts:

If I’m really honest, I really didn’t think this was for me, in a non golfing McIlroy sort of way; though in golfing games defence I had played Tiger as it was known back in PS2 and PS3 era.

In the past though I have played GTA and F1, I still know nothing about cars and I’ve never gone out specifically to buy any car game and this is/ was a one I felt was just a level above this non petroleum head. The games intro changed that.

As the credits rolled up I spotted the EA Sports/ Games logo (they also do FIFA16 ). Brand awareness if you must call it, but to be fair I’d find it really hard to tell you if there is anything they have ever done wrong in gaming land and handing over my hard earned dollars in mind.

Into the game and it really is quite the soft sell (tainted love) in the way it kicks off. The challenges start small and obviously get a little tougher, but for the non car enthusiast (or your Dad/ newbie game player) this really does help. In game play as you go along also explains how to answer your messages, how not to pay the cops money and how to get to Robyns place, or somewhere else. And if that’s a little too much, the real film scene plays between plays are just genius.


Around 66.99– 74.99 euros (66.99 Smyths; 74.99 in Gamestop and HMV – correct online 18 nov ’15). Should last me a full season. EA Sports have a top class reputation, they more than stand up to it on this occasion.

My Notes Of Advice:

  • The games intro, until you get going plays like a mini movie. Pretty genius. Have popcorn at the ready.
  • Pick the Subaru as your first car – if you dunno cars, but like driving, in games.
  • Find the map that takes up the entire screen. See where you are and find your go to to location. Usually Robyns. Click the latter and let the Sat-Nav and* the blue street directional arrows take you there. Getting lost is not an option here. Unless you just like driving around. This is a car game.

need for speed, ps4

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