To love Tove Lo’s “Queen Of Clouds” – A second listen kind of review

2014 has been a year for melancholic Pop Music. From Sia’s Chandelier to Sam Smith’s Stay With Me and Hozier’s Take Me To Church, the popular playlists in clubs and home speakers had been painting a rather blue landscape with odes to heartbreak and the headache (and emptiness) that comes from trying to cope through […]



In defense of one Little Mermaid (not that she actually needs any)

Last week was the 25th anniversary of one of the most popular animated films of all times (OF ALL TIMES): “The Little Mermaid” was released on November 17, 1989 becoming an instant classic for children and grownups all over the world. So, journalists and compulsive bloggers across the web got their keyboards out to celebrate and […]

I want to be cynical, but these four ads are breaking my heart

So, it seems the marketing industry is trying to turn us into blubbering messes this Christmas. On the bus this morning, I watched Sainsbury’s Christmas advert (it aired during Corrie a couple of nights ago, apparently). I shared it on Facebook, which started a slew of “but did you see XYZ’s new ad?”. Here are […]


Songs In the Key of D

Help ‘Songs in the Key of D’ to record an album

As long time readers will know, a few of us are in ‘Songs in the Key of D’ choir. Established in 2013, the choir is just over a year old and is made up of almost 70 Dublin residents from all walks of life. We’ve sold out gigs in Smock Alley and more recently have […]

New Music EP: Brian Casey, Rain Songs

Remember Brian Casey ? No ? Cork man. Played at this year’s Hard Working Class Heros Festival ? Had an EP called Plain Sailing ? I reviewed it. And I fucking loved it. Anyhow’s turns out he’s a new one, an EP that is. Set for release this November. Wot The Brians Press Release sez: […]

brian casey 2014

peter doran, outlines 2014

New Music Video: Peter Doran. The World Is Wide

Hot off the pres release thingymajig. But also pretty darn cool. “The World is Wide” is the first official video from the new Peter Doran album “Outlines”. The song is about childhood imagination, day dreaming and above all – adventure. The video (filmed by Lucy Jones) shows the world as it looks through the eyes of two young explorers (played […]

IFI Horrorthon 2014: Darren’s Picks

“If it’s in a word, or it’s in a look, you can’t get rid of…” I do like my horror. I like to be scared, enthralled and amused. I like teeny-bop slashers, religious thrillers, gory bloodfests and tense psychologicals. I cheer for Freddy Krueger, I want Jigsaw to return, I offer my soul to the […]

IFI Horrorthon 2014


The New Look Brand Zellweger

I was called out last night for retweeting what I thought was a fairly amusing tweet by a PR company. I scoffed at first, but then I started to wonder if I was wrong. Have I become one of those guys who objectifies women? Am I sexist? I was always so proud of my liberal, […]

Review: Spirit of Folk Festival 2014 1

This is all maybe, going to sound just a bit freaking odd, maybe…. And either, says my funny head, you are going to empathise with me on this one entirely or, you will consider drawing a very tiny square to mark your disapproval of my ramblings solely because it also doubles up as your upcoming […]

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Damnation Scare Attraction

COMPETITION CLOSED: Damnation is coming… WIN tickets! 7

Damnation is the horrifying story of Samuel Page as told through a labyrinth of terrifying rooms and unnerving setups where you are immersed in the experience. Scare attractions make big bucks Stateside so it comes as no surprise that Dublin’s first kicks off in the RDS this year. From demonic possessions to voodoo, the occult […]

New Music: Tod Doyle and the Troubled. Bad day

This in from Tod of Tod Doyle fame who of note, will be playing this years Spirit of Folk Festival 2014. When you ask…. day, date, time ? Any use ? The Tod is a flippin’ genius and the remaining’s saw him play there last year. And they too agree. On that note he […]

Troubled Tod-Andy

peter donegan and martin duffy

Line Up Announced: Spirit of Folk Festival 2014

This is from Natasha of the ever lovely Spirit of Folk Festival 2014. Of note, The Sodshow recorded this audio in year 1, 2011. Of note SOFF I’m told has not changed, as such. It just got better…. listen to ‘The SodShow – A Spirit of Folk Special’ on Audioboo Also myself and Antonio, Brian, […]

Official State Commemoration of the Asgard Landing at Howth 100 years ago

This in from Dermot Quinn, Hon. Secretary of The Howth Peninsula Heritage Society, who says…. I attach a notice from Cllr. Cian O’Callaghan of the commemoration ceremony for the centenary of the Howth Gun Running on Sunday next. The ceremonies include the handover of a replica dinghy for the Asgard built by local volunteers, to […]

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New Music: Protobaby – Stages

I first met the lads from Protobaby at Indiependence where they literally rocked [cliché much ?] the main stage. If I’m honest, I’d never heard of them before that point, but as the rain came down, the crowd stood still and lept and danced as they banged out the choons. And that is a real […]