Damnation is coming… WIN tickets!

Damnation Scare Attraction

Damnation is the horrifying story of Samuel Page as told through a labyrinth of terrifying rooms and unnerving setups where you are immersed in the experience. Scare attractions make big bucks Stateside so it comes as no surprise that Dublin’s first kicks off in the RDS this year. From demonic possessions to voodoo, the occult to slasher-esque scenes this is definitely not one for the kiddies. Tickets are available from Ticketmaster here and start from €17 with student nights available too. Not to be missed… (if you’ve got the balls!) Check out the trailer and if you’re still on for it we have two tickets for you to win! Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGwMQrIas5Y Want to WIN TWO TICKETS to the opening week of Damnation at the RDS just leave a comment below telling us the scariest thing that’s happened to you – good luck! Find out more at… @DamnationScare / #Damnation / … There’s more

New Music: Tod Doyle and the Troubled. Bad day

Troubled Tod-Andy

This in from Tod of Tod Doyle fame who of note, will be playing this years Spirit of Folk Festival 2014. When you ask…. day, date, time ? Any use ? The Tod is a flippin’ genius and the remaining Culch.ie’s saw him play there last year. And they too agree. On that note he sez: You will indeed see me at Spirit of folk, cant wait. Should be a crackin’ weekend!! Were on saturday at 2-3 ish as far as I know. Absolutely, love to have a chat. Re this new material live track , Tod notes: With this recording we wanted to capture the atmosphere in the room. Obviously we really enjoy playing together and when we gig or practice we never tie ourselves down too much other than a general structure. We just try and feed off each other” “Bad day is the first of two videos … There’s more

Line Up Announced: Spirit of Folk Festival 2014

peter donegan and martin duffy

This is from Natasha of the ever lovely Spirit of Folk Festival 2014. Of note, The Sodshow recorded this audio in year 1, 2011. Of note SOFF I’m told has not changed, as such. It just got better…. listen to ‘The SodShow – A Spirit of Folk Special’ on Audioboo Also myself and Antonio, Brian, Darren and a gaggle of others will be back, again. Cannot wait. Spirit of Folk Festival Unveils Line-up and a very unique Launch! Kíla have been announced as headliners of this year’s Spirit of Folk Festival, set to take place in the idyllic surroundings of Dunderry Park, Co Meath in September. After a slight Glasto style hiatus, the festival is back with a vengeance this year and will take place from September 19 to 21. Spirit of Folk 2014 will see musicians and storytellers from all over Ireland and the UK come together for a weekend … There’s more

Official State Commemoration of the Asgard Landing at Howth 100 years ago

irelands eye 104

This in from Dermot Quinn, Hon. Secretary of The Howth Peninsula Heritage Society, who says…. I attach a notice from Cllr. Cian O’Callaghan of the commemoration ceremony for the centenary of the Howth Gun Running on Sunday next. The ceremonies include the handover of a replica dinghy for the Asgard built by local volunteers, to which project the Society have made a financial contribution. Official State Commemoration of the Asgard landing at Howth 100 years ago There is a great line up of events in Howth to commemorate 100 years since the landing of the Asgard on Sunday July 27th: 11.30 am East Pier Howth: Official commemoration ceremony at Howth harbour led by President Michael D. Higgins with participation by Ms. Heather Humphreys TD, Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, and the Defence Forces. Ceremony to include address by President Higgins, and will conclude with wreath-laying and ceremonial activities. … There’s more

New Music: Protobaby – Stages


I first met the lads from Protobaby at Indiependence where they literally rocked [cliché much ?] the main stage. If I’m honest, I’d never heard of them before that point, but as the rain came down, the crowd stood still and lept and danced as they banged out the choons. And that is a real credit to any live playing band, at a festival. where there’s also an indoor stage. If you get a chance, go see ‘em live. Failing that watch their latest vid above. listen to ‘Protobaby live at Indiependence ’ on Audioboo As a by the way, this recording on my iPhone from Indiependence – 5.4k listens.

New Music: Martin Byrne – Cottage In The Country

martin byrne, cottage in the country 2014

It’s not secret to anyone at this stage that I’m a half decent Martin Byrne fan. Maybe it’s a little down to fact that it reminds me of late evenings spent in The Galtymore dance hall in Cricklewood when I was a little younger. God only knows. My reeling in the years aside, this is Martin’s second single from his second album ‘A Long Long Way From Ireland’, is a little cracker of an upbeat number and possibly the best version of Cottage in the Country that I have ever heard.

Don’t miss this Gig: Summer in Dublin with the SitKoD choir


The Songs in the Key of D (SitKoD) choir have been busy rehearsing their new show ‘Summer in Dublin’ for the National Concert Hall on Wednesday, 2nd of July. Anto, Darren and 60-odd other Dub residents will be singing an expanded repertoire of songs from their previous sold out gigs at Fringe Festival and the NCH John Field Room earlier this year. They’ll also be joined by Trillogy, a three part male harmony group, for a few tunes. This concert will feature covers of classic Dublin songs like Raglan Road, The Ferryman and Grace along with contemporary tunes like Damien Dempsey’s Seize the Day, Imelda May’s Mayhem and they’re even going to take on Handel’s Messiah (first performed in Dublin in 1742). The young, inspired musical directors, Chris O’Sullivan and Killian Grumley Traynor, will lead the choir on the night. Tickets are €18-20 from the National Concert Hall web site, … There’s more

Get your gardening on at Dublin Garden Festival 2014

dublin garden festival

Granted, this isn’t your standard Culch post but there’s one of us involved and it’s the first ever Dublin Garden Festival, so listen up! ‘Bringing the outside inside’ takes place this weekend from Friday 13 – Sunday 15 June 2014 at Christ Church Cathedral Dublin. It features the best of Irish Gardening talent including Diarmuid Gavin, Dermot O’Neill, Helen Dillon, Gerry Daly and our very own Peter Donegan. Peter is speaking on Friday afternoon at 2pm and there’s lots on the entire weekend. Times: Open Fri 13 and Sat 14th from 9am – 9pm and Sunday 15th 12.30pm – 7pm. Tickets: Admission – €12 / €10 conc. 2 Day Pass – €20/€16 conc. 3 Day Pass – 30/€25 conc. Groups of 10 or more: €8.50. Children u12 free. Tickets available on the door or by visit www.ticketmaster.ie We’re reliably informed that this is the equivalent of Electric Picnic for anyone … There’s more

Hunger Games: Summer Lovin’

The past week has contained enough brief snatches of sunshine to drive a summer starved man insane. Sure, by June 1st we thought we’d all have rosy farmer tans and multiple cases of freckledom but alas we’re still battling with outbursts of piddley drizzle. Not to worry though because there’s plenty of tasty reasons to go out and grab a feed. Here’s what we’ve been scoffing recently… 1. Orpen’s Cider – launched in the ridiculously cool laneway of the Damson Diner (re-opened after the Environmental Health forced a brief closure) Ireland’s newest craft cider was served up to quench thirsts along South Willy with a spit roast hog, chutneys and cheeses. The buzz was great with bales of hay, branded pop-art and Mr. Orpen himself (descendant of the famous William Orpen somewhere along the line) telling us all about his venture and family orchard. Tasty and refreshing with none of … There’s more

Hunger Games: Foodie News

Lots happening in the world of food lately so thought we’d cram the top five most exciting foodie related things into the one post. So *deep breath* here goes: 1. 24 Hour Starbucks in Dublin? Yes, it does exist. We don’t always want to go out on the batter or tee-total while sitting in a local of any description. Enter Starbucks, who’ve recently taken over the old Anglo Irish building on Stephen’s Green (oh, the irony!). The official Starbucks site doesn’t list this new location or its relative opening hours so we’re going on a bit of general banter relating to this (courtesy of the Pink Elephant Blog on Twitter) which details a 3AM fix of caffeine for the Pieta House “Darkness into Light 5k”. We’re chuffed about a late night coffee spot but equally kind of sad that it’s not 3FE or Fixx… 2. The “Waffogato” Those mad bastards … There’s more

Hunger Games: How much would you pay for toast?

It’s the new buzz that’s spreading through US food capital San Francisco and it’s also the comfort food yer mammy will dish up with a hot drop to soothe that sore head the next day – the humble slice of toast. Americans are snatching up artisan slices of batch, loaf, pumpernickel and otherwise for $4 and upwards thanks to a new surge in popularity for our grilled friend. But why? Lighly dusted truffle toast, chunky butter slathered sourdough or rye and cream cheese toast – put on it what you might – $4 Dollar Toast (or €2.89 toast to you and me) is on the rise. How long before we see it here? Is $4/€2.89 a crazy amount to pay for two slices of toast? Is $4 heralding the emergence of an American Celtic Tiger of wreckless spending? Check out Zagat’s mini-doc for more…  

The Riptide Movement’s new music video ‘All Works Out’


We do like great Irish music around Culch towers and The Riptide Movement‘s latest album, ‘Getting Through’, is just that. You can buy it on iTunes here or stream it on Spotify below. The first single to be released is ‘All Works Out’ and the new video featuring Amy Huberman has hit the internets this week and can be viewed above. They’ll be hitting the gig circuit over the summer and we’re really looking forward to catching them. Great stuff lads.

New Irish Music: Martin Byrne, A Long Long Way From Ireland

Martin Byrne, a long long way from ireland, promo

It’s no big secret that I love my Irish music and more that I’ve a wee soft spot for the trad Irish. And when a promo copy of the new Martin Byrne single, A Long Long Way From Ireland came in my post this morning I was literally over the moon. This isn’t my first time to review Martin’s music. But, then again, I’ve also done that for great new Irish acts like Wicker Bones and The Hot Sprockets. On a mild side note ? I still hold dear cracking memories of The Galtymore dance hall in Cricklewwod. Sad to say however the place were Declan Nearney and so many of the greats once played has since moved on. What is genuinely amazing is when that era is given a reprieve or a rebirth of sorts. And Martin Byrne’s music just does that. By the truck load. Seriously ? Try … There’s more

Theatre Review: In Dog Years I’m Dead


Two 29ish nearly 30 somethings meet against their will at a birthday party of a mutual friend that is about to arrive at the milestone that is the big 3 0. Caroline is not only 30, she is a thirty year old that has essentially made it. Married, mum of twins and still in touch with all her mates. She is the ideal and somewhat reviled success story all our parents wish we were. The two storytellers of this piece are initially introduced to us as Billie and Biddy. Biddy (Marie Ruane) is 29 but soon to be that astronomical age sometimes known as Saturn’s return. On the threshold of the 4th decade, she is a bit panicked but in a calm ‘I’m in control on the surface’ kind of way. She has fashioned a list of 30 goals to achieve before she makes it to middle age. Forced into … There’s more