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About Us

Welcome to Culch.ie

We cover everything from movies to comedy gigs, from albums reviews to games previews and, of course, music gigs and festivals. We have a 15-strong team of writers who all contribute on a voluntary basis. Culch is a non-profit site that began just as a hobby and became one of Ireland’s busiest group blogs with unique hits in excess of 2,500 each day, peaking at over 8,000.

The idea was a simple one – in February 2009, we thought it’d be fun to start a group blog project (well, everyone seems to have one these days). We had personal blogs and twitter accounts, facebook pages and some rather grand websites, but pop culture was one of the few common threads that ran through almost all of us and Ireland doesn’t have a huge, enormous pop culture review site/aggregator/news place (can’t you see we’ve researched the lingo here?) so we decided to give it a go.

Getting others in on it was harder. Actually, to be fair, that was the easy bit. Pretty much everyone we asked said yes.

In August 2009, we thought it was time to expand so invited our readers to become writers. The response was phenomenal with over 50 people applying. While it would have been logistically impossible to take on everyone, we’ve welcomed a number of new writers to the group.

So here we are.

A huge thank you to AJ at Le Craic for donating the URL (how *did* he manage to get it?) and Pedro for helping with the design. Kudos too to our forefather Rick O’Shea, and to AnthonyMcG, The National Lottie, and Sinead Cochrane for helping behind the scenes.

This is very much a place for us to write about everything pop culture related but we’re hoping the comments and the community is what will really make here interesting.

So, off we go, ;-)

Darren, Sinéad and Lisa

And feel free to drop us a mail on anything you see on the site, or anything you’d like to see.

Please note that due to the volume of mail we currently receive, we have a lead time of about 10 days if you want us to cover something. We receive a lot of requests to cover smaller and charity events, new and unsigned music and the like, and as a voluntary outfit ourselves, we try to give coverage to anything we like the look of. However, we can’t always guarantee that it will fit into our content guidelines and sometimes we just don’t get time to cover everything, so please don’t be offended if we didn’t cover you this time and do try again next time.

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