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Fringe Preview : The Circus Of Perseverance

The 8th of September brings the Absolut Fringe festival back into town for sixteen days of arts, music, comedy and theatre. A self-proclaimed “dream  factory”, it’s probably safe to say there is something for every taste on show from comedy about finding Fassbender to a showcase of photographs of everything tight jeaned in the brilliantly […]



Interview: Nouvelle Vague, the awesomest covers band

Nouvelle Vague are the effortlessly cool cover band who you wish could soundtrack every party you have ever had. Hailing from France, the new wave obsessed band have taken songs such as Ever Fallen in Love? and Blister in the Sun and made them their own. This Galway Arts Festival sees the band make a […]

Culch Valentine’s: How to be single on Valentine’s Day

Hi there gorgeous, So, Valentine’s Day. Starry-eyed loser, star-crossed lover or cross-eyed malcontent, you’re bound to have an opinion on it, yes? Be it a memory, a barely-concealed urge to vomit, a poem for your other half that makes the rest of us vomit, a scribbled note on what a perfect valentine’s would be for […]


The Guard

Events: Irish Film and Television Awards

The rather fancy Irish Film and Television Academy Awards hit Dublin this weekend, showcasing a year’s worth of talent from both home and abroad and giving a well-deserved pat on the back to a frankly brilliant year for Irish TV and Film. However, we know times are hard out there so if you plan to […]

I Heart Tea Crowd Episode 8 – Dermot and Dave

It’s here… it’s finally here! After a marathon editing session (Dermot, we’re sorry we chopped off your shoulder…) and a couple of evenings feeling like we just couldn’t bear to share our exclusive footage of Dave Moore’s old haircut with the world, we have a new episode of Tea Crowd. And look, it’s 20 minutes […]

Andy’s Top 5 Scenes from TV that make you want a Puppy and a Gun.

A little while ago on this I selected five scenes from films that proved that the world is a rather lovely and cuddly place. A bit like a rather over weight cat or  that drunk person who just wants love outside Burger King on Grafton Street at four on a Saturday morning. Yes, my friends, […]

Uncharted 3 : Drakes Deception – Preview

We have all been there, you love something with all your heart but alas you had reached the end, and yes while the terms you parted on were friends who deeply cared for each other, but perhaps it is time to move on. Yes the next couple of months will be spent looking at photos […]

Andy’s ‘Top Five Lovely Scenes of Lovely People Acting Lovely’

Ain’t love grand? Well, it all depends really. For about seventy percent of people it’s a dark hole of pain where your one hope is that someone looks at you with a little less disgust than how you look at yourself and that their fear of being alone is just as soul destroying as yours. […]

I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 7 Michelle Doherty

This month on Tea Crowd, Phantom 105.2’s Michelle Doherty takes a break from presenting Finest Worksongs to join us on the sofa and chat dance moves and The Script, take on the Tea Crowd Teaser, and generally be one of our favourite guests ever. If you want to take on the Tea Crowd Teaser yourself and […]

LOL For Lamda – 1st September @ The Laughter Lounge

Do you like being merry, laughing with friends and helping out good causes? If the answer is no you’ve probably been too busy trying to con your partner Jacob Marley out of your accountancy firm. If yes, I have just the ticket for you. On Thursday the 1st of September the Laughter Lounge plays host […]

Review: A Betrayal of Penguins – The Workman’s Club

A little while ago after seeing A Betrayal of Penguins supporting their sketch comedy peers ‘Foil, Arms and Hog’ at Whelan’s I mentioned that, golly I would like to see a full show of them. Sure enough just like that time I asked for Power Ranger toys for Christmas, I got my wish (which by […]

I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 6 Bipolar Empire

This month on Tea Crowd we had a brilliant time hanging out with the guys from Bipolar Empire, chatting tea, Oxegen and Pat Kenny… As usual, as well as pop culture interview goodness, we’ve got a prize to keep you happy. This month’s hamper from Lyons Tea also contains a signed CD from the guys. […]

I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 5 Niamh Farrell (Ham Sandwich)

***COMPETITION CLOSED. CONGRATS TO CLARE*** In episode 5 of Tea Crowd, we’re joined by Ham Sandwich legend Niamh Farrell. Check out her red Doc Martens. Too cool for words. The winner of the hamper from the Bosco episode is announced too. The Tea Crowd Teaser for this month’s tea hamper from Lyons Tea is this: There’s two […]

Ham Sandwich – Phantom First Friday At The Academy

  Ello! Looking for some fun and dancing on your Friday night? Well look no further than Phantom’s First Friday down in the Academy featuring the genuinely brilliant, lovely and future guest to be ‘Tea Crowded’ (like an Apple shop baby, never far from a plug) Ham Sandwich. Gearing up for their appearance at the […]