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Games Review: Rocksmith (on XBox 360)


My first draft of this review was a huge long post giving details of all the features, what I liked and what I didn’t. But really it boils down to this…. If you want to learn to play guitar, go buy yourself a basic electric guitar and a copy of Rocksmith on Xbox 360, it’s cheaper than most guitar lessons and you’ll be playing tunes in no time. If you want to pretend to play a guitar then grab yourself a copy of Guitar Hero or Rockband, but why go to the effort of learning to play a plastic guitar when Rocksmith makes learning real guitar as easy and fun? Yeah I could pick holes in the included tracklist, it’s easy when there’s no Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Metallica, Satriani, Vai, ZZ TOP or Guns ‘n’ Roses included. Yup, the “No Stairway” rule is very much … There’s more

Kinect will win the console war

I watched this video recently and it reminded me of why I thought Kinect, Natal as it was when I saw the original demo, is going to wipe the floor with both the Wii and Playstation Move. It’s largely down to an 11 year old boy named Milo, watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. I’m not for a minute suggesting that this game will be the greatest game of all time, but more the technology behind it, will be pulled apart and used in other games to create NPC’s that are far more realistic and engaging than even the most advanced out there today. Well, either that or Milo’s “cloud brain” will reach sentience and takeover the interwebs before manifesting himself into the real world ala “Automan” and making us all his eternal stone skipping, room cleaning slaves. Roll on 10 November the Kinect launch date

Hands on with Playstation Move

I went to this preview event with memories of the Kinect event fresh in my mind. Both were excellent events but as far as the event themselves go I’m going to give the Playstation event the edge as there was proper brochures and information to take away, more consoles and more games available to play. But then you didn’t open this page to read my thoughts on an event, you want to here about Playstation Move. I had a similar fear with this as Kinect but it was even stronger for Move, because it’s just looks so similar to the Wii. There is more to this new controller than just a Wii rip off though its also uses Sony’s own 7 year old EyeToy technology to differentiate it from the Wii. Erm Sony, why do you think not one of your competitors have copied the EyeToy? Just saying like.

Hands on with Kinect

Last week, a few Culchies had the opportunity to preview Xbox’s newest innovation. Stephen has been talking about it all week on ChronicReload, but here’s George’s views on it. Let us know what you think…are you excited or do you feel it’s just another gimmick? – Darren So Microsoft has a new addition for the Xbox 360 and if you missed the hype about it from the last two E3‘s (although it was called Natal at E3 2009) then this (rather sarcastic) parody video should give you an idea about it. Basically it’s Microsoft’s answer to the Wii except you don’t have to hold a controller. In fact your whole body is the controller, except it’s not really, the controller sits in front of the telly and watches your every move and listens to your every word – kinda like a pet puppy except without the cuteness or the random … There’s more