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Music News: The Rubber Bandits are Serious About Men

“Serious About Men”, the new album from Irish satire sensation The Rubberbandits hits shelves this Friday, December 2nd. Note: This is not a review, more a just a let you know news post. That said – I’d much rather listen to these guys than Enda Kenny and his intended address to the nation just before the Late Late Toy Show on RTE. Coming off the back of new single “Black Man”, cult hit “Spastic Hawk” and  “I Wanna Fight Your Father” ”, the Limerick duo launch their debut album this Friday, December 2nd.   A double-CD release packed with tracks old and new, prank phone calls and more, “Serious About Men” is everything you have come to expect from the Rubberbandits, and then some. Having shot to worldwide fame in 2010, it’s been a momentous year for the comedy hip-hop outfit. Blindboy Boat Club and Mr. Chrome became internet superstars after … There’s more

World Record Attempt: highest number of simultaneous Christmas cracker pulls

Where: Hanover Quay, Grand Canal, Dublin 2 When: December 2nd, 2011, at midday The Carphone Warehouse and The Simon Community are attempting to break the world record for the highest number of simultaneous Christmas cracker pulls, this December. The record currently stands at 1478, and they are aiming to top that by achieving 1600 cracker pulls at once. If the record is broken, Carphone Warehouse will donate a generous further amount to the Simon Community. On the day, there will be treats available for anyone who takes part, in addition to Christmas carol sing-along with some very special Irish music acts. If ye wanna be a record breaker ? On a slight side note, this year, they are donating all profits from their annual in-store gift-wrap to the charity. That means a 50c donation for each and every gift that’s wrapped. They will further donate €1 for every new fan … There’s more

Movie Review: The Runway [on DVD]

The Runway, Kind of Based on a True story -  I’ve had this DVD for a week or three now so my apologies for the delay in it’s review – but gardening, floods and wet trees took precedence. Back to it, you might be interested to know that 2010 saw Ian Power’s ‘The Runway’ take the title of Best Irish Feature film at The Galway Film Fleadh. But accolades asides the first question I will ask myself and answer: is it worth you spending your dosh on this DVD based on my recommendation ? Absolutely it is. I loved it. 110 % It’s a really good feel good film that is bloody hilarious in parts and in others mildly jerking at the wee cry baby inside you. What’s more if you are looking for a film that everyone can watch over the festive period [granny, dad, little johnny et al] … There’s more

Album Review: Nirvana Nevermind – 20th Anniversary Release, Deluxe Edition

When I was growing up there were two types of The Doors fans. Those who knew them [on vinyl] pre the movie and those who jumped on the bandwagon, very much the after party. Similarly, there are those who knew why my mate Stu wore a beano jumper and those who bought the T-shirt when Kurt Cobain [RIP] passed away. For me [and I've said it before] Nirvana coming on the scene were very much What the fook is that sound ? I say that in the ‘make you sit up, take note and get excited‘ kind of a way. Something, that I have not seen since nor in between witnessing The White Stripes play Hotel Yorba with a broken string on Jools Holland for the first time. More than that, Nirvana were a sound that played from your bedroom was guaranteed to p’soff your Folks – in a damn … There’s more

Comedy Review: Eric Lalor – Here! No Evil

On Friday last  Dublin’s hardest working comedian Eric Lalor played the Sugar Club, Dublin to a cosily packed audience that could only have woke up the following morning blaming him alone as to why their bellies still ached. Lalor has a certain nobility off stage and it is almost Stanley Ipkiss -esque -ish in how the maestro manages to morph from gentleman to a quasi organised disorderly comic routine, performed by a gentleman-like dosser. On stage the funny fellow has a sort of draw of the crowd that pulls one en mass in only for the crowd to fall back in tears of hysterical happiness. Take for example the dyslexic who confused the IMF with MFI and wondered why a furniture store was taking over Ireland. And whilst part way through the punchline, a lone [wo]man, the tail end of a fancy dress party walked in the front door of … There’s more

New Music Review: Wicker Bones – The Martry Sessions EP

About a week ago an email comes into Culch Towers from Dylan of Wicker Bones. Polite as you like, it’s a thanks for The Spirit of Folk review in which they featured. As well as that Dylan wanted to let me know Wicker Bones had just released a brand spanking new 6 track EP. I got it in the post on Thursday. Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding and welcome The Martry Sessions Backtracking slightly… of all the bands at The Spirit of Folk festival why did Wicker Bones catch me ? Here’s the easy bit. So I’m having a refreshment with McGuinness and one of us goes…. What the fook is that sound…. ? The track recorded above Pipers Despair/ Follow Me Up To Carlow is just one track from the EP that I personally love. Back to it. That question can be taken on two levels. Anthony took … There’s more

The Podcast Sessions #7: 5 Best Independent [Irish] Podcast[er]s

At the Irish Web Awards 2011, 5 Irish Podcasts made the finalists list in the category Best Independent Podcaster. The winners of the category were of course The fabulous gents of The Comic Cast. To note, The Podcast Sessions are not reviews as such more a noting of podcasts you might like. This is neither a review of the IWA’s [The Sociable is just one that does a far better job than I ever could at that] or any podcast. My problem is finding the podcasts I like. And to be fair, there are some great ones out there. Some from the man on the street, some from the big boys of the media world – some, like my own, maybe, fall in the middle ground and often somtimes don’t get that little umph or simply an applause/ notoriety/ pat on the back for the hard work that they deserve. … There’s more

Worlds Smallest Comedy Club

The Big Wheel attempt has been covered here before… but when this came in – I just couldn’t keep my hands off it ! Just think about it, a bizillion feet up in the air with some fellow who gets paid to be a nut job….. and all for a good cause. The Laughter Pod’ at the Big Wheel World Record | 4pm – 7pm | Saturday October 22nd LAUGHTER LOUNGE TRANSFORM 5 SEATER POD INTO INTIMATE COMEDY CLUB Dublin’s premier comedy venue, the Laughter Lounge will create possibly the world’s smallest comedy venue at the Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust’s Big Wheel World Record, the Guinness World Record attempt for the longest continuous ride on a Ferris Wheel which takes place this Saturday October 22nd at the massive 60 meter Big Wheel, known as the “Revolver”, at Dublin’s Point Village. The Laughter Lounge will transform one of the Wheel’s … There’s more

Game Review: Peter on FIFA 2012 [PS3]

One of the joys of writing for Culch.ie is definitely when a package arrives. Special delivery. Please sign. Bam ! FIFA12. A note of thanks to the crew at O’Leary PR for organising a PS3 and an XBOX copy for Culch.ie. That aside and to more pressing matters. The Game. Welcome Back FIFA – Summer was excitement level Pat Kenny without you Changes – Culch Towers knew changes were on the way – for EA told us – remember the blog post The low down on FIFA12 ? Read it. It has relevance here and saves much paper. I chose to do two things when I got my copy. One online game – unranked. Which became three games. I lost them all. Manager mode. Professional. Five games. Lost them all. Disaster. Manager mode – Semi Pro. A one-all draw with Chelsea. I’ll setlle for that. And then i got sucked … There’s more

Big Wheel World Record Attempt – 22nd October

Pictures: Nadia Forde and Harry Crosbie The Bone Marrow For Leukaemia Trust have just announced their Big Wheel World Record, the Guinness World Record attempt for the longest continuous ride on a Ferris Wheel. The Big Wheel World Record attempt will take place on Saturday, 22nd October for a total of 24 hours and 8 minutes on the massive 60 meter Big Wheel, known as the “Revolver”, at Dublin’s Point Village. Amongst the groups and teams that have already signed up to take part in the record breaking attempt are students from; Dublin City University, University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin and University of Limerick. But Wait There’s More…. Activities for all the family will run throughout the day on Saturday October 22nd at the Point Village, with a street fair and free family entertainment taking place. The Laughter Lounge, Ireland’s premier comedy venue will transform one of the Big … There’s more

The Podcast Sessions #6: Scibernia

Podcast name: Scibernia In Short: with help from Near FM – Scibernia is a bi-monthly podcast exploring science in Ireland, and beyond. Hosts: The Scibernia Team – more than two. Their Description: We are a loose collective of science enthusiasts, tech nerds, wandering journalists, radio lovers, and people who enjoy Periodic Table Scrabble (we’ll explain later). Each podcast aims to bring you the latest science news, debate and analysis from around Ireland and further afield. Culch.ie Says: If you’ve followed the Podcast Sessions so far, you’ll have a rough idea that the US [hat tip & compliment btw] have it fairly stitched up in the turning geekery and science into matters of relevance that create intrigue. They do it so very well – but, they do so in a sort of story telling type of way and generally the podcast has one anchor and one host. Scibernia, however breaks that … There’s more

Comedy Gig: Eric Lalor. Live. The Sugar Club. Oct 28th

I have a funny feeling this show is going to be a sell out. And quite a fast one. Not only is the funny man from Ballymun just back from the big bad world of The Edinburgh Festival but his all new brand spanking show Here! No Evil will be set in the beautiful and intimate venue that is Dublin’s Sugar Club. Book it now ! More than highly recommended. Not to be missed. Title: Eric Lalor Live at The Sugar Club Oct 28th When: Fri, October 28, 2011 Doors: 20:00 h Where: Sugar Club – Dublin Act: Eric Lalor Tickets: Find Tickets Aiken Promotions presents Eric Lalor with his brand new comedy show Here! No Evil. October 28th The Sugar Club Doors 8.00pm/Show start 8.30pm Eric Lalor has returned from the Edinburgh Fringe a new man. A man inspired. An inspired man. A man from the town with the … There’s more

Interviews: Carl Barat and Bressie – Arthur’s Day 2011

Wednesday the 21st September, Arthur’s Day eve, I met with Carl Barat and Bressie who were both on their way to Cork to kick off the Guinness birthday celebrations. There was a short stop taken in the Morrison Hotel where with thanks to the really nice people of WHPR, Guinness and the Arthur’s Day team the call came to ask if I’d like to stop by for a chat. My thanks to Bressie and Carl who were both sincerely absolute gentlemen. Indiviual notes of thanks also to Julie and Ruth of WHPR and to Culch.ie’s very own Sinead for looking after me pre/ during and after. Thank you.

The Podcast Sessions #5: Stuff You Missed In History Class

Podcast name: Stuff You Missed In History Class In Short: Didn’t pay attention in history class? HowStuffWorks.com has you covered. Host: Deblina Chakraborty & Sarah Dowdey Their Description: Whether they’re discussing the Freedom Riders or the adventures of bushrangers, you can count on Sarah and Deblina to keep you up to date on the Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by HowStuffWorks.com. Culch.ie Says: There seems to be a format to the more successful podcasts that are out there, the most of which seem to hail from the USA. All seem to follow a sort of [for want of a better description] Westlife/ Jeffrey Archer format to another successful song/ novel in the sense that that this also has a sort of Freakonomics type of set up to it. But. Whilst I say that, content is king and the content to every one of the Stuff You … There’s more

The Culchie Guide To: The Spirit of Folk Festival

Useful Links: Buy a ticket – €95 for the 2 day camping pass Getting to the SoF actual site …. actually there! Best directions ever ! find Spirit of Folk of Facebook This is an UNofficial guide. Not a United Nations guide and not a Spirit of folk organisers’ guide. It’s year one and I’ve been to the site so these are my recommendations on what I have been suggesting people do and I got bored repeating myself so now they can have a link. It is my A-Z of sorts. In short: Friday 23rd – 25th September 2011 Gates open at 3pm on the Friday – I’ll be there and waiting as you see in the vid above its a 5 minute trek to anywhere maximum – from anywhere more info on spiritOF folk.com Wine-ing and Dining: Dunderry House is in the middle of nowhere. There isn’t a super … There’s more