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I Heart Tea Crowd Episode 9 – Dead Cat Bounce

Comedy rockers Dead Cat Bounce have been on the scene since 2008, touring the circuit and regaling audiences with tales of ‘Overenthusiastic Contraceptive Lady’ and ‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’. A full band, with vocalist Jim Whalmsey, drummer Demian Fox and guitarist Shane O’Brien, the first few seconds of any of their shows will lull you […]

I Heart Tea Crowd Episode 8 – Dermot and Dave

It’s here… it’s finally here! After a marathon editing session (Dermot, we’re sorry we chopped off your shoulder…) and a couple of evenings feeling like we just couldn’t bear to share our exclusive footage of Dave Moore’s old haircut with the world, we have a new episode of Tea Crowd. And look, it’s 20 minutes […]

I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 7 Michelle Doherty

This month on Tea Crowd, Phantom 105.2’s Michelle Doherty takes a break from presenting Finest Worksongs to join us on the sofa and chat dance moves and The Script, take on the Tea Crowd Teaser, and generally be one of our favourite guests ever. If you want to take on the Tea Crowd Teaser yourself and […]

I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 6 Bipolar Empire

This month on Tea Crowd we had a brilliant time hanging out with the guys from Bipolar Empire, chatting tea, Oxegen and Pat Kenny… As usual, as well as pop culture interview goodness, we’ve got a prize to keep you happy. This month’s hamper from Lyons Tea also contains a signed CD from the guys. […]

I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 5 Niamh Farrell (Ham Sandwich)

***COMPETITION CLOSED. CONGRATS TO CLARE*** In episode 5 of Tea Crowd, we’re joined by Ham Sandwich legend Niamh Farrell. Check out her red Doc Martens. Too cool for words. The winner of the hamper from the Bosco episode is announced too. The Tea Crowd Teaser for this month’s tea hamper from Lyons Tea is this: There’s two […]

I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 4 Bosco

***COMPETITION CLOSED. CONGRATS TO GRAINNE*** In episode 4 of I Heart Tea Crowd we meet puppetry’s own Bosco. ***Competition now closed. The winner will be announced in the next episode*** The Tea Crowd Teaser for this month’s tea hamper from Lyons Tea is this: You go in through one hole, you come out through three […]

I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 3 Neil Hannon

To quote the second best song writer of all time, “What, you thought we wouldn’t come again? Leave you hanging without bringing you the fun again?” Yes, instead of aliens, Will Smith could have been talking about Tea Crowd, a little bit delayed but back and better than ever. This time we caught up with the […]

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I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 2 Charlene McKenna

Ello, and welcome to the jam packed, cat smashing, begging to be remade into one of those soppy youtube montage clip thingys in slow mo black and white with some song by The Script over it  episode 2 of love fest The I Heart Tea Crowd. This time we were joined by Pure Mule and […]

I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 1 We Are Scientists

The Early 60’s – What will one day become the internet takes shape The Early 00’s – Man figures out that turning moderation off on Google Images means topless pictures of the actress he fancies The 11th January 2011 – I Heart Tea Crowd goes live Everything must start somewhere, and where better for Culch’s The […]