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Tonight: Midnight Openings For FIFA14

As the countdown to FIFA 14 continues, games retailers around the country have confirmed they will be opening their doors at midnight tonight, September 26th 2013. I have played it. And yes and as always with EA and FIFA it is good. More on that to follow.... Suggested cost I'm told will vary … Continue reading

Games Review: FIFA 13 (Xbox 360)

"Predictable unpredictability". That's what FIFA Lead Producer, David Rutter, picked out as the defining feature of FIFA 13 when we interviewed him back in May. It's got to be difficult for the EA teams working on annual titles like FIFA to give punters something to justify the yearly outlay … Continue reading

Games Review: Rocksmith (on XBox 360)

My first draft of this review was a huge long post giving details of all the features, what I liked and what I didn’t. But really it boils down to this.... If you want to learn to play guitar, go buy yourself a basic electric guitar and a copy of Rocksmith on Xbox 360, it’s cheaper than most … Continue reading

Game Review: FIFA Street

If there's one sport franchise that was well overdue a reboot, it was FIFA Street. The original game, released in 2005, and it's subsequent titles weren't really taken seriously and they were quite cartoonish. The past five years has seen a major shift in football games with the rise of FIFA as … Continue reading