Game Review: Infamous 2

In his first post for, Tony has plenty of good things to say about Infamous 2 for PS3. Make him welcome! Ah sequels. As this generation of consoles have already hit their technical limitations and approach their autumn years, we are hit with ever more gimmicky add-ons (Kinect, Move, WiiU) and of course, sequels. In 2009 Infamous came along and – despite great reviews – seemed to go under a lot of people’s radar, mine included. So when it came time to review its sequel I jumped in and promptly found myself lost. Here is a serious caveat; if you haven’t played the original you should do so first before moving on to Infamous 2. Luckily PlayStation have included the first game as part of their Welcome Back offer on PSN, so you can download it and it is impossible to overstate how important this is – Infamous 2 … There’s more

The lowdown on FIFA 12

We’re big fans of the FIFA football games here at Culch Towers and last week I was lucky enough to travel to EA’s London headquarters to check out the next installment, FIFA 12, which is due in the autumn. I’d been on a similar trip last year but this year’s trip came a month earlier as the team were keen to get even a pre-alpha version in front of people to test out the new features. If you’ve played FIFA 11 then you’ll know how faithful it is to the real thing and it’s clear that the team at EA, led by producer David Rutter, has tried to push on. David spoke to us about three key innovations for 2012:

Become a 100m World Records Holder this weekend

Microsoft and Rare want you to become a World Record holder at 6pm Saturday 23 April, all you have to do is run 100 meters. Actually its a little bit more than that, but not much more. Xbox Nations lets you try Xbox LIVE Gold for free, as well as inviting you to take part in the world’s biggest ever virtual sprint. The record we’re going for is the most people running a virtual 100m dash at one time. You need to have (or have access to) play Kinect Sports and complete a sprint mini-game while connected to Xbox LIVE at 6pm on Saturday. You must choose sprint from the mini-game menu – not the entire track and field event for your race to count. You also have to download a gamerpic, which registers you as eligible for the attempt. There is a different pic for each country, so register … There’s more

How Gamers Will Change The World

Here is one of those great TED talk videos, which are usually pretty awesome we will all admit, but this one particularly caught my eye. If you play any games at all you should watch this (and I would encourage you to give it a go even if you don’t). After watching this video, I actually completely agree with her. Makes me feel less guilty for having a total play time of over 80 days on World of Warcraft!

The Nintendo 3DS – Should we care?


Last week Japanese gaming behemoths Nintendo announced the European release date (March 25th) for their latest shiny piece of kit, The Nintendo 3DS. So the question is: Should we care? Or is this just another piece of plastic aimed at emptying out the wallets of spotty teenage boys? Well I for one believe we should. So whats new this time? The clue is in the title. The 3DS will be the first gaming console to offer authentic three dimensional graphics WITHOUT the need for any dorky glasses. Nintendo have pioneered ‘stereoscopic’ technology, that delivers jaw dropping depth of field to the gaming experience. It uses two overlaying screens and a polarising filter that sends slightly differing images to each eye, tricking the brain into seeing the image in 3D – or something like that!?! The 3DS is also equipped with a ‘depth slider’ that allows you to manually adjust the … There’s more

Review: Super Meat Boy (Xbox Live Arcade)

When I first got a mail about this game, I thought it was spam. Well, the title on it’s own in a Subject line could well fool anyone. In reality ‘Super Meat Boy‘ is a bonkers 2D platformer for Xbox Live Arcade. The player takes on the role of a small animated cube of meat named Meat Boy who must save his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the evil Dr. Fetus. You need sharp reflexes to guide Meat Boy over buzz saws, up walls and through some very tight spaces. Just watch the blood fly when you get it wrong. The game is split into a number of chapters, with lots of levels within that can be played in any order. When you’ve completed enough of the levels, you unlock the boss encounter, which is much tougher than the levels before it. There are a load of unlockable characters with unique … There’s more

Review: Fable III Game

If you were a fan of Fable and Fable II, then today has probably long been circled on your calendar, as Fable III finally launched, just over a year since it was first announced. Now, full disclosure here, I’m not a big gamer overall, but when I was given a copy of Fable II, I fell in love immediately. The Fable series is characterised by a mix of fighting, solving puzzles, finding hidden objects and deciding if you want to be good or evil. The gameplay is of the style that leaves you begging for “just five more minutes”, and suddenly you look at the clock and bedtime was 3 hours ago! In Fable III, you pick up 50 years after Fable II, as the brother (or sister) of the current king, Logan. I say current as the first part of the game focuses on your path to becoming King … There’s more

Patrick Liu Interview, Medal of Honor Multiplayer Producer

While on a quick trip to show off Medal of Honor’s Multiplayer to Ireland, I had a chance to sit down with its Producer Patrick Liu from Dice. here’s what he had to say concerning Medal of Honor’s Game modes, harking back to the old school and truely balanced gameplay. Culchie: Was the community feedback from the Beta what you were expected or did it take things in a different direction? Patrick Liu: Most of the stuff was expected, the cry for more recoil thing was not so much, at first we wanted to make a game that was more accessible but obviously people wanted something more of a hardcore game and we’re fine with that! We love that and we did that! Culchie: You’ve mentioned how your basic deathmatch mode, Team Assult harks back to old school level design, what aspects do you think have been lost now that … There’s more

Hubba Hubba

Last Saturday myself and this dude over here took a quick peek into the new Playstation® Hub in Dublin. By quick peek I do obviously mean stayed there for ages and acted the eejits. Even so, its pretty damn cool. What’s better than free gaming and a chance to check out new technology? ‘Druuuuuuugs’ would normally be the answer but this “did the job”. To be able to walk straight in (free admission) and just start playing I thought was very interesting. I’ve never heard or known of anywhere like this. Sure, you can play short demo’s in places like Gamestop and the like but The Hub gives you the opportunity to play some exciting new PS3 game releases (Grand Turismo 5 and Killzone 3 to name a couple) and to test out the new Playstation® Move technology (Playstation’s took-way-longer-to-make-but-is-still-basically-the-same version of Wii motion sensing, in case ya hadn’t heard..) … There’s more

Playstation Move launch Review

Sony’s answer to the Wii, the Playstation move is available in Ireland from today. I’ve been playing around with the hardware and it’s launch titles for a few days now but keep in mind that the following  review is based mainly on from what I’ve seen in its launch titles. Not all of its features are on display yet but in some games by basically dicking around with it I’ve gathered what I think is a reasonable overview of Move’s capabilities. So if in a few months Move is firing toasty ham and cheese sandwiches into our mouths, I apologize in advanced. The Move works in conjunction with the Playstation Eye which tracks the glowy ball on top of it, this and the hardware inside the Move adds an immediately noticeable extra level of control. . One huge difference between The Move and The Wii Remote is that it seems … There’s more

Other Voices come to Xbox Live

If you’re connected to XBox live, you might have spotted a familiar face hidden in the extensive GamesCon footage; that of Duke Special. XBox live are showing a series of the intimate “Other Voices” gigs filmed in Dingle’s St James Church. Yes, this is a shortened version of the gigs shown on RTÉ over the years, but this is something of a test. In November Microsoft XBox team expect to see a change in the types of people sitting down in from of their XBox once the Kinect arrives. Namely that of casual gamers. Namely that of people who like music. Namely that of people who would rather dance then first person shoot.

Kinect will win the console war

I watched this video recently and it reminded me of why I thought Kinect, Natal as it was when I saw the original demo, is going to wipe the floor with both the Wii and Playstation Move. It’s largely down to an 11 year old boy named Milo, watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. I’m not for a minute suggesting that this game will be the greatest game of all time, but more the technology behind it, will be pulled apart and used in other games to create NPC’s that are far more realistic and engaging than even the most advanced out there today. Well, either that or Milo’s “cloud brain” will reach sentience and takeover the interwebs before manifesting himself into the real world ala “Automan” and making us all his eternal stone skipping, room cleaning slaves. Roll on 10 November the Kinect launch date

Hands on with Playstation Move

I went to this preview event with memories of the Kinect event fresh in my mind. Both were excellent events but as far as the event themselves go I’m going to give the Playstation event the edge as there was proper brochures and information to take away, more consoles and more games available to play. But then you didn’t open this page to read my thoughts on an event, you want to here about Playstation Move. I had a similar fear with this as Kinect but it was even stronger for Move, because it’s just looks so similar to the Wii. There is more to this new controller than just a Wii rip off though its also uses Sony’s own 7 year old EyeToy technology to differentiate it from the Wii. Erm Sony, why do you think not one of your competitors have copied the EyeToy? Just saying like.

Review: “Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game”

With the last of Brian Lee O Malley’s Scott Pilgrim Comic book series released last month and Edgar Wrights feature film only a couple of weeks away, Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game hit the Playstation Network this week and due to appear on xbox arcade on August 25th. With both the comics and film heavily influenced by video games the question is how do you make a game based on a comic based on games? The answer: You make a retro styled beat ‘em up stuffed with coins, extra lives, continues, heart points, combos, co-op and game overs and hire pixel artist Paul Robertson and chiptune artists Anamanaguchi to put it all together. As well as visually being based on the Comic’s Artwork it also loosely follows the story. Scott Pilgrim is dating Romona Flowers and must defeat her seven evil-ex boyfriends, his own personal issues and everyone … There’s more