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Game Review: Infamous 2

In his first post for, Tony has plenty of good things to say about Infamous 2 for PS3. Make him welcome! Ah sequels. As this generation of consoles have already hit their technical limitations and approach their autumn years, we are hit with ever more gimmicky add-ons (Kinect, Move, WiiU) and of course, sequels. […]



The lowdown on FIFA 12

We’re big fans of the FIFA football games here at Culch Towers and last week I was lucky enough to travel to EA’s London headquarters to check out the next installment, FIFA 12, which is due in the autumn. I’d been on a similar trip last year but this year’s trip came a month earlier […]

How Gamers Will Change The World

Here is one of those great TED talk videos, which are usually pretty awesome we will all admit, but this one particularly caught my eye. If you play any games at all you should watch this (and I would encourage you to give it a go even if you don’t). After watching this video, I […]

Super Meat Boy replay

Review: Super Meat Boy (Xbox Live Arcade)

When I first got a mail about this game, I thought it was spam. Well, the title on it’s own in a Subject line could well fool anyone. In reality ‘Super Meat Boy‘ is a bonkers 2D platformer for Xbox Live Arcade. The player takes on the role of a small animated cube of meat […]

Review: Fable III Game

If you were a fan of Fable and Fable II, then today has probably long been circled on your calendar, as Fable III finally launched, just over a year since it was first announced. Now, full disclosure here, I’m not a big gamer overall, but when I was given a copy of Fable II, I […]

Fable III Screenshot Female Hero Fires Rifle

Playstation Move launch Review

Sony’s answer to the Wii, the Playstation move is available in Ireland from today. I’ve been playing around with the hardware and it’s launch titles for a few days now but keep in mind that the following  review is based mainly on from what I’ve seen in its launch titles. Not all of its features […]

Other Voices come to Xbox Live

If you’re connected to XBox live, you might have spotted a familiar face hidden in the extensive GamesCon footage; that of Duke Special. XBox live are showing a series of the intimate “Other Voices” gigs filmed in Dingle’s St James Church. Yes, this is a shortened version of the gigs shown on RTÉ over the […]