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I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 1 We Are Scientists

The Early 60’s – What will one day become the internet takes shape The Early 00’s – Man figures out that turning moderation off on Google Images means topless pictures of the actress he fancies The 11th January 2011 – I Heart Tea Crowd goes live Everything must start somewhere, and where better for Culch’s The […]

Nostalgia Week: What was on the soundtrack to your youth?

Can you remember what song was playing during your first kiss? How about during your first break-up? The truth is music has the power to dredge up long buried memories like no other medium so we want you to tell us some of your favourite songs and what memories you associate them with. If we […]

Song writing comp on Christmas FM

Every year Christmas FM broadcasts lovely seasonal tunes for the month of December and this December will be no different, broadcasting in both Dublin and Cork with a host of volunteer presenters from 30 November until 27 December. This year before they launch however, Christmas FM are having a song competition to find the next […]

Four milestones

This week sees the anniversary of four major cultural milestones. The fall of a wall, finding all kinds of people in your neighbourhood, the morning agenda and a trip to the moon. First off, the wall. The falling of the Iron Curtain, and the Berlin Wall. The wall’s coming down on 1989 led to a […]


RealRadio, 100.3fm

“Your Voice – The Voice of Dublin“ A new radio station is being launched tomorrow in Dublin, RealRadio, on 100.3FM. RealRadio is a talk radio station promising to give Dubliners “the chance to air their views to the people that matter, live on radio”. There are some big radio names joining RealRadio, for example Chris […]

The Autoglass advertisement that had the Olympia in stitches

You’ve got to give it to Dave Moore and Dermot Whelan from Dublin’s 98. They do great stuff. This one, shown at Friday night’s Toll Troll Show at the Bulmers Comedy Festival had the crowd wanting more apparently. You can see why! They’ll be posting more of the videos over here in the next while.


Apeeee Burseday Leeeeerick

May 1st 1999, ten years ago today RTE Lyric FM was launched in a blaze…. well, hush of publicity. Most days it is my soundtrack from waking up, through Paul Herriott and JK to Carl Corcoran in the blue of most of my nights. As someone who has worked in pop and rock music radio […]

or peter o' shea...?

there’s a new dj in town…?

and he needs a new name. I was thinking maybe rick o’ donegan…. or peter o’ shea….? or maybe peadar rocks? I just can’t decide… meteor awards here I come and I iz gonna kick Ray Foleys [the big girl] ass when I get there And at least I’ll play decent choons… ain’t that right […]