The Sodshow comes to the airwaves

First off, an admission. I’m not much of a gardener myself. I did have quite a big back garden in my parents place (where my da grew vegetables) but now I live in an apartment with one pot plant (nicknamed Planty). However, that doesn’t proclude me from learning about the greener side of life and I’ve started to do that courtesy of Peter Donegan’s Sodcast, which has now become the Sodshow on 103.2 Dublin City FM. Some of you may know Peter from his posts on culch but what you may not know is that he’s an award winning landscape gardener. For the past 29 weeks he’s been podcasting a garden themed podcast known in Internet circles as the Sodcast. It’s provided listeners with Peter’s unique take on gardening as he winds his way through a diverse range of topics. It’s been very successful so far, so much so that … There’s more

I Heart Tea Crowd – Episode 1 We Are Scientists

The Early 60′s – What will one day become the internet takes shape The Early 00′s – Man figures out that turning moderation off on Google Images means topless pictures of the actress he fancies The 11th January 2011 – I Heart Tea Crowd goes live Everything must start somewhere, and where better for Culch’s The I Heart Tea Crowd to start than with funky cool indie gods, We Are Scientists. Just before everyone went off at Christmas to eat so much that they sweat Roses sweets and to drink more than a shunned debs date, Chris Cain from the band sat down with a cup of your mother’s favorite for a chat. If you have ever wanted to know how do successful rock stars deal with fancying a girl on the bus or their thoughts on the last few moments of ‘Cool Runnings’, you are in the right place my friend.

Nostalgia Week: What was on the soundtrack to your youth?

Can you remember what song was playing during your first kiss? How about during your first break-up? The truth is music has the power to dredge up long buried memories like no other medium so we want you to tell us some of your favourite songs and what memories you associate them with. If we get enough suggestions we’ll put together a little playlist, a sort of soundtrack to our collective naval gazing. To get the old grey matter warmed up here are some songs that will forever remind me of my own teenage years.

The Emergency – Use Democracy Sensibly

Last Wednesday week, Culch was invited along to the Laughter Lounge where political satire group, The Emergency, were previewing their new CD, ‘Use Democracy Sensibly‘. Having sat with the guys in studio before and viewed their genius up close, it was great to see it taken to a live setting. For those who haven’t heard the  guys via Newstalk, they are are a six person political satire group whose material is a razor sharp. Whether it be horse racing with a bank nationalisation twist, Gormley’s Electile Dysfunction or the Bertie story Give Up Your Aul Lies told by “school kids”, it was fantastic 90 minutes. The CD, Use Democracy Sensibly, which launches today (20th) features sketches from the aforementioned show on Newstalk as well as a few new bits too. If you like hearing our elected officials lampooned in the funniest manner possible then I’d suggest picking up a copy. … There’s more

Song writing comp on Christmas FM

Every year Christmas FM broadcasts lovely seasonal tunes for the month of December and this December will be no different, broadcasting in both Dublin and Cork with a host of volunteer presenters from 30 November until 27 December. This year before they launch however, Christmas FM are having a song competition to find the next great Irish “yuletide masterpiece” – maybe they are fed up playing Fairytale of New York? This competition is open to song writers around the country and considering that there is only one week to the closing date 23 November – it will be an interesting test of their song-writing abilities as well as their festive spirit! A shortlist of songs will be chosen and played on air for the first week of broadcast alongside all the classic Christmas hits, after which a winner will be chosen by listeners via text message. The winning entry will … There’s more

Four milestones

This week sees the anniversary of four major cultural milestones. The fall of a wall, finding all kinds of people in your neighbourhood, the morning agenda and a trip to the moon. First off, the wall. The falling of the Iron Curtain, and the Berlin Wall. The wall’s coming down on 1989 led to a major cultural change across the world. Mostly the end of the Soviet Empire had effects across the world. Firstly the reunification of Germany meant a bunch of economic changes across Europe, and the start of an expansion of the EU indirectly leading to Polish becoming the second largest language group in Ireland. More to the cultural point, the end of the Cold War meant a huge change in political thrillers. The generic Russian bad guy couldn’t be used. Bond has only recently recovered from the required plot changes. It also meant that the Soviet era … There’s more

Olé, olé, olé, oh dear…

The lads (and lass) of Dublin’s 98 Morning Crew have recorded a song to give the Irish Team a boost on their South African World Cup trip. Come on Trap’s Boys! You’ve got to admire the honesty of the lyrics. Gone are the days of put ‘em under pressure. And we really shake them up When we win the World Cup Cause Ireland’s are the greatest football team And instead we have… We don’t have the world’s best players In fact, half of them are terrified. Fair play to Dermot, Dave and Siobhan. Brilliant.

RealRadio, 100.3fm

“Your Voice – The Voice of Dublin“ A new radio station is being launched tomorrow in Dublin, RealRadio, on 100.3FM. RealRadio is a talk radio station promising to give Dubliners “the chance to air their views to the people that matter, live on radio”. There are some big radio names joining RealRadio, for example Chris Barry (the precursor to Adrian Kennedys talk show on FM104), comedian Jason Byrne, long time radio presenter and dj Greg Merriman, journalist Jason O’Callaghan and the man behind it all, Niall Boylan. Niall has worked on both 98fm and FM104 winning himself a PPI nomination in the process. He says “Dubliners love talking, they love to get their point of view across no matter how bitter and twisted it may be and that’s what’s missing in the market”. As a sweetener to new listeners, RealRadio are offering them the chance to win €1 million…I’d like … There’s more

PPI Nomination for War of the Worlds

Funtastic news from friends of, the Devious Theatre Group, who have just been nominated for a PPI Radio Award for Best Drama. The Devious Theatre Company went on the air on October 30th 2008 with a new radio version of HG Well’s sci-fi classic The War Of The Worlds on KCLR 96FM. It was broadcast 70 years to the date of Orson Welles famous version on CBS on October 30th 1938. The new version was written and performed by The Devious Theatre Company and was entirely localised within the Kilkenny / Carlow region of South East Ireland. The production came together over the course of September last year, when they undertook to produce the entire thing from the ground up on their own, without any budget or financial support to get the show done. The cast featured the annoyingly talented Mr. Ken McGuire, John Morton, Kevin Mooney, David Thompson, … There’s more

The Autoglass advertisement that had the Olympia in stitches

You’ve got to give it to Dave Moore and Dermot Whelan from Dublin’s 98. They do great stuff. This one, shown at Friday night’s Toll Troll Show at the Bulmers Comedy Festival had the crowd wanting more apparently. You can see why! They’ll be posting more of the videos over here in the next while.

dublins hardest working radio showman…. ?

i used to grow plants under my bed. you woke up one morning and thought ‘i wanna be a radio presenter….i always loved music. and wished for that to be passed onto my children…. I listened to radio luxemburgs [the station of the stars as it was know]. I always had an interest in music and words…. but i am a school teacher by day. I played imagine to my pupils last week. Not one knew the song at all…. this is how i do my set for the show for the following thursday. I very seldom play chart material. when i was 24 i set up my own business. very different to the hobby. most people laughed. how did you go from i think i’d like to – to getting on air. I was a friend of clifford t ward….. I met him in ’73. and it was from here that i was asked would i do … There’s more

Apeeee Burseday Leeeeerick

May 1st 1999, ten years ago today RTE Lyric FM was launched in a blaze…. well, hush of publicity. Most days it is my soundtrack from waking up, through Paul Herriott and JK to Carl Corcoran in the blue of most of my nights. As someone who has worked in pop and rock music radio for most of my life it’s rarely what I personally want to listen to at the end of the day and if it wasn’t for my friends down in Limerick I’d go spare some days. They don’t know this, maybe they will know how much I appreciate them now. Yesterday they had a bit of cake and a quick photo shoot, as is evidenced below, with one of my radio heroes Aedin Gormley (who I still haven’t gotten the gumption to go up to and introduce myself when I see her in the coffee bar) and one of my … There’s more

Radio bingo?

Well knock me over with a transistor. I never knew people played a game when listening to the radio. Lucille Redmond asks in today’s Sunday Business Post if people play this game when listening to talk shows: .. betting on when “at the end of the day” will first be said? I know they do; I saw two women in a cafe slap hands when a caller said “like, y’know, like” the other day on Liveline. Money crossed the table. So now that it’s a game, I would like to add the following to the list of words / phrases to listen out for : Absolutely With all due respect The current environment (or any of the many recessionary variations) Oh my god I’m just disgusted/appalled/angry/outraged/shocked/disappointed Personally speaking And while I’m on the subject of word usage, when did Mom enter the vernacular in Ireland? And High Street? And awesome? … There’s more