TV Or Not TV?

A few things over the last few days have inspired me to end up here. The first were Darren and Lottie’s posts about Lost, the second was an article in yesterday’s Sunday Tribune about the end of Battlestar Galactica which again got me thinking about the nature of modern TV experiences and how they are […]


You’re fired

Major game development is usually a painstaking and long process. Few major games are simple affairs. When I wrote before about the rise of bedroom programmers and I forgot something. Casual games, and flash developers. Long ago there were simple arcade games. Something to play for 5 to 10 minutes. Its relatively fast to make […]

I know random

I’m right in the thick of it over yonder, but this stopped me in my tracks. On the news last night, all the fuss, delight and marvel at the homecoming (excellent by the way), and then up pops Tommy Bowe, singing Black Velvet Band. Eyes peeled, sharp intake of breath. RPs: is that one of […]

and a nation goes to tears again...

are ye listening RTE, ye better…?!!

I watched the rugby on Saturday. I cried like a little boy. I was with my Dad. We have that Irish son and Father kind of ‘howya’ – ‘grand’ kind of relationship. The normal kind. We cried like little boys. My Mom was with us. While the entire pub screamed at the television my Mam […]

Biffo Takes A Dump In The National Gallery

So who is the mystery hero artist who managed a coup at the National Gallery on Saturday, sneaking in and displaying their satirical work of our beloved Taoiseach? The unknown renegade artist displayed a portrait of Biffo in all his glory, sitting on the loo with a roll of toilet paper in his hand. It […]

Pat Kenny’s latest foot in mouth moment

(Updated with working video – Darren) From Friday nights Late Late Show. RTE’s highest paid presenter interviews Jack Lynch, the 6 year old runner up in the All Ireland Talent Show. As someone on the YouTube comments already noted – watch for the reaction of the guy in the background during this. [Via Cheebah]

Boom Tssssssh

Today’s source of amusement is brought to you by the Ron Winter Drum Set Each letter is linked to a delightfully tacky sample.  Hours of fun for you but maybe not so much for the people around!


Jade Goody dies.

Jade Goody died in her sleep today following a public battle with cancer, her publicist Max Clifford said. The reality TV star died with her mother Jackiey Budden at her side at her home in Upshire, Essex, at 3.14am on Mother’s Day. Referring to how her public battle with cancer has raised awareness of the […]


I can elope with that hot cousin of mine. I’ve called my mother to see if I have sisters I don’t know about.  She’s getting back to me.

I Once Was Lost But Now I Am Found

AKA The positive post about Lost When Lost first aired all those years ago, I had no interest. I watched maybe two episodes from the first series and didn’t see the point of watching a bunch of far-too-pretty people do the Swiss Family Robinson thing. It was the second season that grabbed my attention – […]

And now I am totally Lost…

Reblogged from here. It has gone all wibbelly wobbely timey wimey and I am worn out. Every fibre of my being is screaming to me “just walk away, leave it Lottie, just leave it”. But the thing is, I have dedicated what, five years of my life to this? I can’t just give up now. […]


Facebook- running out of feet to shoot

At any given time I will have Thunderbird, Photoshop, Tweetdeck and at least 3 tabs of Firefox in use at the same time, all while having a Skype conversation with friends in New Zealand and texting my sister in Donegal. It means dealing with lots of packets of information simultaneously, but I have developed the […]