I Once Was Lost But Now I Am Found

AKA The positive post about Lost When Lost first aired all those years ago, I had no interest. I watched maybe two episodes from the first series and didn’t see the point of watching a bunch of far-too-pretty people do the Swiss Family Robinson thing. It was the second season that grabbed my attention – the what-the-frack nature of the show really appealed to me. I likened it to Twin Peaks. Series 3 and 4 lost (no pun intended) their way a bit, but with the whole time travel aspect of the new season has me gripped. Each episode reveals so much about past stories, while opening up a whole bunch of new mind-blowing questions. I know the show gets a lot of bad press for being two seasons longer than it should, for playing up the love polygon too much and for stringing the viewer along, but I have … There’s more

And now I am totally Lost…

Reblogged from here. It has gone all wibbelly wobbely timey wimey and I am worn out. Every fibre of my being is screaming to me “just walk away, leave it Lottie, just leave it”. But the thing is, I have dedicated what, five years of my life to this? I can’t just give up now. No matter how much I might want to. Surely we can work this out. What are we on? Series 5? After the latest episode I wonder if it just going to be another case of history repeating. Didn’t I give up on it last season? Will I be sitting here in another five years time, pulling out my hair trying to figure out what the frack is happening? What year is it? Are they all dead? Is it purgatory? Is it just Alice in Wonderland retold? Will those crazy kids ever work it out? Is … There’s more

Facebook- running out of feet to shoot

At any given time I will have Thunderbird, Photoshop, Tweetdeck and at least 3 tabs of Firefox in use at the same time, all while having a Skype conversation with friends in New Zealand and texting my sister in Donegal. It means dealing with lots of packets of information simultaneously, but I have developed the acuity of mind and eye over the years to do just that. For some reason, however, I can make no sense of the new Facebook look. I think this might be the end of us Facebook. I can’t bear to look at you any more unless you clean yourself up.

Longing for lullabies by Kleerup featuring Titiyo

Title : Longing for lullabies Artist : Kleerup featuring Titiyo Release : May 19 2009 The 140 character review Strong Europop start then falls asleep. Poor first release from an album, ends up too bland (but sweet) to get any emotion out of me. Kleerup did the production for Robyn‘s “With Every heartbeat” which just shows 1) the same sample is being used and 2) with the right emotion, you can get far more out of a song. And now your reviews Will


Things I could’ve bought if I didn’t have a Venti caramel hot chocolate in Starbucks. 1. A pair of shoes in Penneys (lasting longer, if not by much…) 2. 3 Easter eggs in Tesco 3. A CD single (ah, remember those?) 4. Approximately 3 Dublin Bus tickets, depending on journey. 5. 5 Songs off iTunes 6. 2 hours of parking in town 7.  An M&S lunch deal (Sandwich, crisps and a drink) with €2.46 change 8.  Anything of a whole wonderful pile of stuff on ebay, including this deadly vintage scarf. 9. 5 €1 All Cash tickets (in the vein of ‘if I had one wish, I’d wish for three more wishes’. What use a fiver if you can’t attempt to multiply it?) 10. A bundle of books at the antique shop in Enniskerry. The list goes on (except for that it doesn’t, because I stopped at 10, it being … There’s more

Some Guinness and a little parade thing

  St. Patrick’s Day dawned sunny and bright this year and miraculously kept up the brightness for the whole day! I made my way to the bus stop and after playing the buses a little with some inspiration from TheChrisD, I shunned the first sardine express and got me a nice seat on the next bus about three minutes later-yay! Aside from the usual crowds, the flags, the greenery, the teenagers, there was also a great buzz about town. Thanks to Pix.ie, I had a pass for the viewing area on O’Connell Street, giving me enough access to get near the front and take some great up close pictures, like this: You can see the rest of my pictures on my Pix.ie page. Afterwards silly me headed towards St. Patrick’s Cathedral but forgot what I was doing and ended up meeting the end of the parade at least twice more … There’s more

Movie News 20/03/09

Not just the one trailer today, I have a few videos to show you all, along with the other news:- Michael Caine’s new film, Is Anybody There?, where he plays a aging  magician who is spending his remaining days in a retirement home, looks very promising. In it he befriends a young boy who has been bouncing back and forth in homes such as this. Check out the trailer: For all you Star Wars fans, you can now complete your memorabilia collection. ‘The Force’ action figure is a must for any collector:   LeCraic spoke of Gullivers Travels yesterday. Well, it’s soon to get a big screen outing and Doctor Who’s Donna Noble, AKA Catherine Tate is on board. The horror of horrors, Gobstopper – Christopher Lloyd is just brilliant (from the genius Funny Or Die): SNL’s Andy Samberg (from this brilliant(!) music video) has been confirmed as host of … There’s more

The curse of the half watched film

There are the films you’ve watched again and again. There are the film’s everyone’s seen but you haven’t. There are the films you’ve been dying to see but never get round to. Then there are the films you randomly end up seeing only part of, but repeatedly only seeing part of and you never get to find out what it’s all about. This happened to me tonight with Face Off on RTE. I’ve seen the middle/end of this film about 4 times and by tonight it got to be annoying. Who are these characters? Why did they swap faces? How did they swap faces? Why are they all mauling each others faces with their hands. Is there a twist somewhere or have I joined the film after the twist took place? What (tf) is it all about? Other classic continual part-film disasters in the life that is me are: A … There’s more

10 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Going to the Meteors Next Year

1. Amanda Byram Do I really need to explain this one? The woman is void of personality. No, I lie. She has personality. She has the personality of dirty middle aged sweaty bachelor, rather than that of a 35 year old woman. Every single man who came onto the screens, who came onto the stage, who came anywhere near the damn auditorium she greeted with a Phwoar! or some sleezy remark. Show a bit of class and stop behaving like a skank, woman. Bearing in mind that the majority of the show’s audience were young teens, surely she should have behaved a little better than that. Eugh! She makes me want to wretch. 2. The Stewards Lottie asked me repeatedly if I was ok. I was – I just had a confused look on my face every time I watched the stewards try to deal with the public. No, more … There’s more