Now That’s What You Called News 2010 #ntwycn10

Interview with #ntwycn10 Producer Pat O’Mahony Presented by Craig Doyle, Now That’s What You Called News 2010 is a revealing overview of what news we as a nation searched for online throughout 2010 in the privacy of our own homes, on our own laptops, on our own smartphones. The news we search for online is very different from the news we consume on TV and radio and in newspapers and magazines.  Not only do we want to know about different things, but we also want to know a whole variety of other stuff about the stories the traditional media deem important. Featuring an entertaining and interesting mix of both the serious and the less so, it explores the big internet stories of the year, be they about celebrity, politics, sport, business, health, natural disasters, entertainment or whatever. These stories vary from a billion-plus viewed YouTube clip to multi-billion Euro bailouts, … There’s more