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Ad Nauseam: Out of Character

Has anyone else noticed the rash of brand ‘characters’ in Irish ads recently? I’m not talking epic storylines acted out by characters like Papa and Nicole or those two heavily airbrushed ones in the naff Nescafe ’80s ads. I’m talking about actors playing employees of the company and becoming the face of the brand. There’s […]

Ad Nauseam – Never a copycat be

The thing about great work in any sphere is that it inevitably inspires a slew of poor imitators. Having not so long ago praised Jacob’s for good advertising work for their Christmas campaign I’m sorry to say they haven’t kept the standards up with their most recent one. Take a look yourself, though be warned; […]


Ad Nauseam: Betting on a One Trick Pony

If you’re interested in learning about the art of advertising I can recommend no book more than ‘The Advertising Concept Book’, which is not only something nice to put on your coffee table, but is also chockers full of sage advise, beautiful pencil illustrations and campaign deconstructions from author ex-Ogilvy adman Pete Barry. The byline […]

Ad Nauseam …and a box of USA Assorted

I’m continuing on the Christmas ad theme, ‘cos it’s pretty unavoidable at this stage. Like the thundering hangover and shame spiral that awaits after the office party, Christmas is just around the corner, waiting to bludgeon your wallet and liver in one fell swoop. There have been a few decent additions to the canon of […]


Ad Nauseam’s Top 5 Best Ever Christmas Ads

Ahhh… Christmas ads. Who doesn’t have a love/hate relationship with them? Love the ones that are such classics they’ve been airing for over twenty years. Hate the ones which browbeat us immediately after Hallowe’en with Christmas Sale – Buy Now! messages, made-on-PowerPoint and with a relentless sleighbell soundtrack (yes, I’m looking at you Harvey Norman). […]

Ad Nauseam: Charity begins on Daytime TV

Being self employed affords me the luxury of making the last minute decision to work from home in my pyjamas, on the sofa with my laptop on my lap and the TV on in the background. Yesterday was such a day. Apart from my mid-morning hit of The Gilmore Girls, I normally avoid anything broadcast […]

Ad Nauseam: Toothy Smiles All Round

Greetings readers. I hope you are all shiny happy people this Wednesday. I hope you have big toothy grins on your faces and I especially hope that there aren’t any rotten teeth in our midst. That’s because this weeks post is all about advertising in the exciting area of dental hygiene! I know, you just […]


Ad Nauseam: Poll – Your Favourite Guinness ad here

It struck me today that I let Arthur’s Day pass by last week without theming Ad Nauseam accordingly. How remiss of me, dear readers. Let me make amends by dedicating this weeks post to the black stuff. Now, everyone knows that Guinness have been producing advertising par excellence for the best part of 80 years, […]