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Ad Nauseam: Out of Character

Has anyone else noticed the rash of brand ‘characters’ in Irish ads recently? I’m not talking epic storylines acted out by characters like Papa and Nicole or those two heavily airbrushed ones in the naff Nescafe ’80s ads. I’m talking about actors playing employees of the company and becoming the face of the brand. There’s […]

Ad Nauseam – Never a copycat be

The thing about great work in any sphere is that it inevitably inspires a slew of poor imitators. Having not so long ago praised Jacob’s for good advertising work for their Christmas campaign I’m sorry to say they haven’t kept the standards up with their most recent one. Take a look yourself, though be warned; […]


Ad Nauseam: Charity begins on Daytime TV

Being self employed affords me the luxury of making the last minute decision to work from home in my pyjamas, on the sofa with my laptop on my lap and the TV on in the background. Yesterday was such a day. Apart from my mid-morning hit of The Gilmore Girls, I normally avoid anything broadcast […]


Ad Nauseam: Toothy Smiles All Round

Greetings readers. I hope you are all shiny happy people this Wednesday. I hope you have big toothy grins on your faces and I especially hope that there aren’t any rotten teeth in our midst. That’s because this weeks post is all about advertising in the exciting area of dental hygiene! I know, you just […]

Ad Nauseam: Poll – Your Favourite Guinness ad here

It struck me today that I let Arthur’s Day pass by last week without theming Ad Nauseam accordingly. How remiss of me, dear readers. Let me make amends by dedicating this weeks post to the black stuff. Now, everyone knows that Guinness have been producing advertising par excellence for the best part of 80 years, […]

Ad Nauseam: Konnichiwa Celebrities!

The new Alfa Romeo ad for their Giulietta model, starring the ever-fabulous Uma Thurman brought this to mind: In the film Lost in Translation Bill Murray is an ever-so-slightly-washed-up actor visiting Japan, a country in which his stock is still high, to make a commercial for the premium whiskey brand Suntory. I thought this was […]

Ad Nauseam: Warning, this post features a Naked Picture of Craig Doyle

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your tellies, when you felt sure UPC had emptied their marketing coffers for the year and you would be free of the gelled-hair, Gant-jumpered one, Craig Doyle comes back at you in not one, but TWO ads. The man must have the best agent around. […]

Ad Nauseam: Is that a Yorkie in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

Hurrah, a new Cadburys Dairy Milk, Glass and a Half Full Productions ad is here! And it’s better than the last one Chocolate Charmer. This one is called Spots vs Stripes and it’s set in a magical (and notably biologically diverse) underwater habitat where the striped fishies and critters gear up against the spotted fishies […]

Ad Nauseam: Thank You Cows

Is this the best new ad on telly at the moment? Yes, I do believe it is. Like Bounty’s Juan Sheet commercial, it’s the type of ad you want to watch over and over again. It’s a perfect anthropomorphical package of the ridiculous and the sublime. The whole notion of doing a Jim’ll Fix It for […]