What do you think of Mumford & Sons’ new song I Will Wait?


It’s more of what we’ve come to expect from the band, but that’s no bad thing. Looking forward to hearing their new album, Babel, which is released on the 24th September. Here’s Mumford and Sons’ I Will Wait, shot two weeks ago, during the band’s two sold-out shows at the Red Rocks natural amphitheatre in Colorado.  

You HAVE to hear: Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is an awesome “new” musician. I say new, yet Wikipedia says he’s been gigging over 5 years now. Wikipedia also says that Janis Joplin speed-walked everywhere and was afraid of toilets. Nonetheless, he’s fairly new to me. Most people will recognise him from his hit song “The A-Team”. If you don’t, go listen to it. Loike, now. He’s got a new album out very soon. It’s titled, “+”, and is released for digital download in Ireland on September 9th and generally on September 12th. The video below is a live studio recording of one of the songs on the album, and also new single, “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”, which is out now. This is all recorded on the spot, with a loop pedal. It’s, like, acoustic hip-hop, guys! Personally, I think it’s genius. Very fresh. Like menthol. It’s like a beautiful fresh breeze of menthol, … There’s more

Oh Tom, you cookie old thing, of course we’ll buy your album #piracyiswrong

I love Tom Waits. I adore him. His melancholic, depressing, morbid, growling, gloomy tones make me feel bouncy happy. If Misery is the River of the World, he is my boat. Or at least a dinghy (perhaps with a slow puncture). Maybe he’s a plank of wood or a barrel that I can latch hold of. Sorry, hang on, what? Yes, my metaphor drifted away from me. My point is: I love his music. And with so many years between each release, the anticipation of a new album is always high. His new album, Bad As Me, his first new studio album in seven years, will be released on October 25th and in his preview video he takes a shot at those who would dare to share his music…on the the interwebs…prior to its release date. What if I called you first and I said, ‘Betty, you know, is pregnant.’ … There’s more

Rolling In The Deep

New Adele track folks. On first listen I’m thinking – okay.. good beat. Quite a catchy tune. Great vocals as would be expected from Adele. Still sticking in my head the more I listen to it but can’t help but think there’s a bit that just blatantly sounds like another bit from a Bee Gee’s song. It does seem to be another song about a torn relationship but of course, make your own interpretation of it. Love the structure of the song. Good mix of instruments. The track is set to footage of her recording the album ’21′ in Malibu last summer. Check it out below.

Album Review: Teenage Fanclub Shadows

This is the first of two reviews of Teenage Fanclub’s new album. For a differing view, check out Eilish’s post. Who do you agree with? – Darren I like teenage fanclub. Something in the name, maybe ? I like[d] their work. Not to become slovenly or banal in my writing but….. I want to be inspired. I wanna be adored. That comes to mind. So does Just by Radiohead. Ok maybe not an exact comparison. Seriously as I type, I re-read and my writing doesn’t make sense. But then neither does this album…. Its very like The Frames coming out with for the birds. Nothing wrong with that album. I bought it. I liked it as an album… but [wait for it] I’m surprised there weren’t birds chirping in the backround. Not fair? Coming off the tail end of a cranked up Revelate, I thought so. Anyhow, I flicked through … There’s more

Kylie goes up to Eleven

Kylie Minogue releases her eleventh studio album, her fifth for the Parlophone label,  called “Aphrodite” around July 5th. I say around because of the way the charts are calculated in Ireland, releases tend to be on the Friday. The first single, “All The Lovers” is due for release around June 13th. Parlophone put “All The Lovers” (audio only) on YouTube today. A few bits have leaked out about the album…

Impossibly Beautiful

I spoke about Julie Feeney’s new album, pages, before and the newest single from the album is Impossibly Beautiful. It’s not the best track on the album and there is a number I would have put ahead of this as the next single such as the wonderful One More Time and Mr.Roving Eye Guy, but it is accompanied by a gorgeous video which features eighteen head dresses created by British artist Piers Atkinson. The video was shot by director Vittoria Colonna and is released on 2nd October. Julie is also embarking upon an Irish tour over the next month. Dates below:

Like David O’Doherty?

Want to be there for the recording of his new live album and be able to pick out your own voice whooping in the background? Funnyman David O’Doherty will record a live album on Bank Holiday Monday, August 3. Tickets, available on the door, are only €5 because “he doesn’t feel you should charge that much into something he may try to sell back to you at a later date.” from Hotpress.com You’ve got to appreciate the sentiment there! If you don’t know who or what David O’Doherty is, he is a damn funny comedian, winner of the 2008 Edinburgh Comedy Award (formerly known as the Perrier award), and is also known as DO’D You can get tickets at the door of Whelans on the night, doors open 8pm.

Competition: SOUTH would like to see you!

Kilkenny band SOUTH have very kindly invited two of Culch.ie’s readers plus a friend each to come to their gig on Friday night (tomorrow) as a guest of the band, upstairs in Whelans. I’ve already put up a series of posts this past week about the band and the making of their debut album ‘Insula‘ which is being launched on Friday. Ross Costigan documented the recording of the album on video, which he released in episodes One, Two and Three. You can check out some of the SOUTH songs on their MySpace page. If you’d like to go see the lads at the launch of their album, just let us know in comments and we’ll choose two lucky people tomorrow morning to go with a friend, tomorrow night, upstairs in Whelan’s of Wexford Street

Little Boots, Big Hopes

I have a confession to make. I love pop music. There. I’ve said it and tonight I am listening to the pop stylings of Little Boots “Hands”. The BBC have proclaimed her as ‘the next best thing of 2009′, no pressure then.  While there’s nothing particularly new or inspiring about the album it’s fun, enjoyable (if a little cheesy at times) electro-pop and the good hype surrounding the release suggests that Victoria Hesketh’s debut Album under the Little Boots flag will be massively well received. “New In Town”, one of the poppier songs on the album is the current release from the album and is very very catchy. Move the god-damn over Gaga. Album released 5th June 2009. You might remember Victoria’s tenori-on adventure from last year. I so want one of those tenori-on thingy-makigiddies.