Sweary’s Jaw

Surreptitiously coaxing Chloe Sevigny to get over herself, so you don’t have to. When we use the term “social life”, it’s natural for others to assume that we’re talking about the lighter, more pleasant, more fun side to existence … which is daft, of course, because the difficulty with life is that we are not here alone. We must interact to thrive. Our quality of life depends on how we deal with others – family, etiquette, politics. To lead, or to follow. To conform, to rebel. Life, on one level or another, is social. It’s a truth so obvious it’s almost stupid. Like calling Bob Geldof pompous. Most of us don’t have to worry excessively about how we interact with those in our sphere of influence; we see our loved ones often, our colleagues even more often than that, and it’s rare you’ll put a foot wrong without being well … There’s more