Event: Dr. Sketchy’s Dublin and Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple is an award-winning New York artist, author and all round kickass lady whose Victoriana-steampunk-Rococo work has appeared in places like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Marvel comics. Forever finding ways to fund and create personally fulfilling art projects, in September of last year she locked herself into a hotel room for a week, covered the walls in paper and filled every available square foot with her gorgeous, intricate brand of art. The project was called Molly Crabapple’s Week In Hell, it was funded by myriad backers on Kickstarter, and has since been turned into a book. Not one to stay idle for long, right now she’s in the middle of Shell Game, another Kickstarter-funded project, this time an art show inspired by Occupy Wall Street and the assorted global economic disasters, which will result in nine huge paintings that will deal with themes such … There’s more

Event: Dublin Dance Festival 2012

  For those of you lucky enough not to be blessed with two left feet (yes, I’m talking about myself here), the artform of the dance is a wonder to behold. These super talented people can skip, dance, jump and move (like jagger, we’re told) with such effortless ease that it’s just not fair. Still, regardless of whatever credibility you have on the dance floor, you’ll surely love the Dublin Dance Festival.   The Dublin Dance Festival are delighted to announce their deadly dancing (see what I did there) programme for 2012, offering audiences a wealth of experiences from the diverse, creative, sensuous and adventurous worlds of contemporary dance. From May 11th – 26th in venues across Dublin, lovers of dance will be treated to an array of exciting festival shows that will definitely sweep you off your feet. Festival events will appeal to audiences of all ages and tastes in … There’s more

Culture Night, Friday 24 September

Culture Night takes place once a year where the doors to many buildings of artistic & cultural interest are opened to the public for free in cities and towns throughout the country.  In their own words: “Culture Night will take place on Friday September 24th 2010, a night of entertainment, discovery and adventure in Dublin and across 20 towns, cities and counties in Ireland.  Arts and cultural organisations open their doors until late with hundreds of free events, tours, talks and performances for you, your family and friends to enjoy” This year Culture Night will take place in Dublin, Carlow, Galway (city, county & the Gaeltacht), Cork, Limerick, Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Letterkenny, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo, Waterford Westmeath, Wexford and Wicklow.  Culture Night will also take place internationally, in Irish centres in Leuven and New York.  See here for more details on each individual location.  Derry and Belfast will … There’s more

A Woolly Wonder

You might remember that I posted recently about the Science Gallery and their Open Call for entries to their new Flagship show, Biorhythm, which opens on July 2nd. Through my work with them, I’m privileged in that I get to hear about their upcoming exhibitions in advance and am really excited about what Biorhythm is going to bring to the public. It’s the first time the Science Gallery have ventured into the world of music and it could prove to be very interesting indeed. In the meantime, they have a new exhibition being launched tonight called ‘Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef’. I was at their recent TED X 3.0 talk and was really impressed by one of their speakers, Margaret Wertheim. Margaret has spoken at TED before, as you can see here:

Spirit Store Culture Dig – Limerick

Hello Culchies, please welcome Froodie to the mix. She’s a Limerick based blogger, so she’s a genuine culchie, unlike most of us imposters. Please make her feel welcome. Today, she wants to tell us about a fairly cool project she’s working on this Summer. – Darren For six weeks last year, the Spirit Store Art Café was run in a disused pub in Limerick City, to huge success. There were artists, actors, dancers, musicians, museum curators, skaters, knitters, astronomers, mathematicians and pretty much anyone who had anything interesting to share coming together, meeting, workshopping and performing in a formerly dormant corner of Limerick City. The crew behind the Spirit Store had to go back to their normal lives, but they are back in the fray this May with the Catherine Street Culture Dig (CAT DIG). The event will be taking place as part of ev+a 2010 from Friday, May 7th … There’s more

But is it Art final

School of Saatchi – Final (was on BBC2) They think it’s all over. It is now. But who won it? Well, let’s have a run-through of what we had. Six artists (Samuel Zealey, Eugenie Scrase, Matt Clark, Saad Qureshi, Ben Lowe and Suki Chan). Six art pieces in the Saatchi gallery. All keyed to win the prized slot of a piece in Saatchis exhibit in the Hermitage Gallery St. Petersburg. To win they need to do something bold, something daring, something unique. So what did they do? A painting, a ladder to nowhere and a log on a fence. WTF? Is this what passes for contemporary art? No wonder the general public think it’s the biggest con since NAMA.  It’s so hard to separate the talented from the chancers and, sometimes, the best man doesn’t win.

Picturing New York

The Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin’s Royal Hospital Kilmainham is hosting an exciting exhibition from New York’s MoMA this winter. The photography exhibition, Picturing New York, is made up of 145 pieces from the photographic collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York. All of the photos are of New York (naturally!) and date from 1880s to the present day.

Beacons of Hope

  If you are out and about rambling Dublin city over the Christmas and want to get away from the throngs of crazy shoppers and queues then head on down to Dublin Castle Courtyard for a little bit of colour, peace an a lot of Hope! Here you will find for no entrance fee an exhibition of beautiful hand crafted 2.4m tall Angels. These fiberglass Angels were presented as a blank canvas to some very well known artists, musicians, sports people and celebs to design and portray their interpretation of Hope. The colourful ideas of Ryan Tubridy, Tommy Tiernan, Amy Huberman and my favourite Jedward are on show in the courtyard until the end of December.

But is it Art part 2

School of Saatchi BBC 2 mondays at 9pm You may have seen my post last week about this. It’s another ‘apprenticeship as prize’ type show but this one is for artists. Not the ‘able to paint really well’ type artists, it’s the ‘place a stick of celery in a large empty room and call it Art’ type of artist. The prize is a so called ‘Dream Ticket’; a slot in a prestigious exhibition and a three year patronage with your own studio. Do I sound biased already? Yes. Trouble is I actually like contemporary art. You learn two things from this show 1. the process by which the artist comes up with his/her piece. 2. NEVER meet the artist. When you see art you like you bring your own thing to it and why you like it may have nothing to do with the thoughts behind creating it. I really … There’s more

Last Chance To See: Munch

Vampire – Edvard Munch The National Gallery of Ireland’s exhibition of Edvard Munch prints comes to an end this Sunday, 6th December 2009. This beautiful collection of prints from the Munch Museum in  Oslo has attracted over 40,000 visitors so far.  I found the exhibition so stunning I am returning for a second visit. Admission €5 for adults or €3  with a concession or student card.

The Hazel Revington Cross Effect…

I know a lot of interesting people. Some with more diverse personalities than others. But all genuinely, great people at heart. Because of what it is I do, I suppose, as well and to an extent the route [be dum! ] I have chosen, I get to meet those who others would call mentalist in most cases, sense of humour in mind… you’d be perfectly correct in your synopsis. To the point, I met Hazel in South Africa. Great girl already you say? Damn rightly so. She sent me a mail. Art exhibition this weekend. Mullingar. Not that far away. I took a look at her work. I was impressed. I liked it. Anyhow here’s what the Hazel had to say….. Some of you might not live miles away from Mullingar…. I am having an art exhibition this Friday 4th at 8pm in the Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar and the exhibition continues through the weekend (Saturday … There’s more